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One if my goals since becoming a SAHM is to take advantage of the different seasons for crafts and baking activities with my girls. Previously, I always felt as if, before I knew it, Halloween or Christmas was upon us before I’d even really got a chance to organise anything fun to do. What I really wanted was a way to plan ahead a little so I could get prepared and enjoy these times. Here’s how I’m organising with Pinterest.

Painting leaves

Firstly crafting

For many, the idea of getting out paints, glue or in fact anything messy with toddlers, is enough to bring them out in a cold sweat. That’s how I felt too. However I see how much my girls love it and so now I just try and choose crafts carefully that I can manage. On Pinterest, I’ve created quarterly boards to pin ideas. So I have a board for January, February and March crafts. Another board for April, May and June and so on. For me this works as when I spot a good idea I know I can just save it for later.

If I haven’t found many pins, I’ll search specifically for monthly ideas such ‘February crafts for toddlers’ or more specifically for ‘preschool valentines crafts’. At the moment, I’m combining crafts and baking ideas as I’ve found I’ll just pick one a week and baking with toddlers feels pretty much like messy play anyway. Maybe as they get a little older I’ll separate these pins into separate boards.

Organising with Pinterest

Upcoming holidays

In the next quarter, we have Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas. I’ve decided to create individual boards for these as I know there will be masses of pins and this way, I’ll be able to find activities quickly. In the quarterly board, I’ll just pin autumnal crafts and baking.

Pinning enough but not too much

What I’ve found is that I need to pin selectively. If I get a bit click happy, I can end up with lots of very similar ideas or crafts that just are not appropriate. However appealing pins look and they often look amazing, I try and decide if it’s really something I will do or could do with the amount of time and resources I have.

On the flip side, not enough pinning leads to crafts and baking falling by the wayside. It’s something my girls and I enjoy so that’s not what I want. This year, I found the second quarter the trickiest to pin to. April, May and June have less big holidays or celebrations than other quarters so extra searching was required.

Autumn crafts

This might seem a lot of faff for baking and crafts but I know without organising with Pinterest, I just wouldn’t do half the activities. Pinterest inspires me to try new ideas. When I go back to look through a board, I try to choose activities to vary the skills my girls will gain. As my girls don’t attend preschool at the moment, I like to provide a little structured time and these activities give them the chance to practise concentration and perseverance.

How does Pinterest help to organise your life?



32 thoughts on “Organising with Pinterest

  1. I am so bad at Pinterest. It’s the one area of blogging I don’t pay enough attention to.

    1. I’m useless at using it for blogging it gets me about three or four views 😬 but love it for just searching for good ideas.

  2. I do love Pinterest, it’s such a fab channel for so many reasons! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

    1. Just got to up my game to use it for blogging

  3. I need to be more selective with my pins 🙂 #RVHT

    1. I’m rubbish at using it for blogging but love the craft baking side for organising my life

  4. I absolutely love Pinterest for planning activities for me and the kids! And that hedgehog is adorable!! #RVHT

    1. Thanks…actually cheatedwith that one as we did it at a play group. I had pinned the exact same thing though if that counts. 😝

  5. How cool is that hedgehog I cannot wait to try that with my little boy

    1. So fun and has actually lasted quite well.

  6. I haven’t gotten on Pinterest yet. I’m not very crafty so I think I might just wander around lost in there. #AnythingGoes

  7. This is such a great approach, I try to do the same but to be honest I’ve abandoned my Pinterest this year! This has inspired me to dust it off again.

  8. hmmm I’ve never thought of doing it by months. What happens if something can be a summer or winter craft? Interesting. Love your organisation. #AnythingGoes

    1. I’ve also got generic folders for kids crafts and crafts for myself.

  9. Pinterest rocks when it comes to finding ideas to help us with all sorts. I love the fact you are so into creative crafts and the seasons are a great thing to inspire us. #Blogstravaganza

  10. Such a good idea as I always feel the same each year, I’m never organised for Halloween or Bonfire night! I’m not great at Pinterest I have to say, its on my to-do list! 🙂


  11. I know it’s a bit crazy but it’s the perfect spot for them to stand and paint. I’m sure I’ll regret it one day soon. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. I used to love Pinterest, now I just find it a bit of a chore to be honest. It is great for crafts and recipes though
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

  13. I’m still trying to get used to Pinterest, I do like it I just haven’t dedicated enough time to it!
    Thanks for joining #Blogstravaganza

  14. I am really bad at Pinterest and it is something I need to use more #blogstravaganza

    1. Love it for crafts – unseless at using it for blogging and growing my audience.

  15. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration, I planned my wedding and Ben’s nursery thanks to it!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back tomorrow.

  16. I don’t organise Pinterest at all, I’m ridiculous! I have a second, brand new account, that I think I’ll organise as I go. I can’t face cleaning up what I’ve got.
    Also, I love that hedgehog!


    1. How do you find anything you’ve pinned??? You rebel

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