Nordace Backpack Review: Why this smart bag is in a league of its own

A while back I wrote a post on toddler must have and one of the items I included was a family backpack. At the time, I was using a fashionable brand which I loved. However, I soon realised it just didn’t hold up to the day to day demands of farm trips, picnics and family travel.

Transitioning from Baby Bag to Family Backpack

We spend so much on baby bags and really consider the features we need. I wondered why didn’t I do the same with the family backpack. And so I began my search. I needed something durable but stylish, spacious and comfortable. Time and time again, Nordace popped up in my search results.

I decided to reach out to them and see if they’d be interested in me reviewing their Siena backpack. It certainly was packed with features and looked like it could have everything a family travel backpack would need.

Putting the Nordace Backpack to the test

Over the last few months, I’ve been putting the Nordace backpack through its paces. It’s come everywhere with us. It’s been to farm parks and theme parks and finally on it’s first big holiday on the ferry to Jersey.

For family days out, it was perfect. The main compartment had plenty of space for extra layers, spare clothes and all the bits and bobs you take along on these trips and still room for a substantial picnic bag on top. I loved the front pocket for plates and the dedicated space for my sunglasses, keys and phone just made finding everything a breeze.

Having an external bottle holder also worked out well. It doesn’t take up unnecessary space inside and also keeps your bottle upright. No more leaks and spills.

Day Trips or Travel

However, this Nordace backpack really comes into its own and stands out from the crowd as a travel backpack. You just can’t beat the abundance of smart features the clever people at Nordace have crammed in.

Although we haven’t yet taken our bag on a plane (we can’t wait to) the ferry seating is very similar. I know this will fit perfectly under aeroplane seats and will work brilliantly as cabin luggage when we finally return to the skies.

The shape of the bag is ideal for fitting in laptops, ipads, A4 documents, magazines and more. For the more fragile, the padded back section is great and for quick access, the two front side zips are fab.

A feature-packed Mary Poppins bag

The entire bag feels durable with a stylish, water-resistant fabric and super comfy straps. Even when we loaded this bag up to capacity, stuffed full with a laptop, tablets, headphones, a mini Lego set, two cuddly toys, two changes of clothes and all our travel essentials, it still felt comfortable to carry.

There’s more…

One of the features that really drew me to this Nordace backpack was the integrated USB charging port. Now, this isn’t a feature you find on many bags like this. Simply add a charge bank inside and then you know, whatever delays you face or tech emergency you have, that you’ll always be able to charge on the go.

My phone battery was getting low!

In terms of organised internal storage, you’ll be blown away. There are pockets and compartment for everything. I especially like the internal wipe-able zipped pocket that would be perfect for little accidents or wet socks.

Hide and seek

On the back of this Nordace backpack you’ll find a concealed compartment to stow your passports and other valuables so that they are well out of sight and reach. Here, you’ll also discover the additional luggage straps which allow you to slot the entire bag over your suitcase handle giving you one less item to carry. This would be great for getting through an airport with children.

In order to provide a more balanced review, I’d have love to share some of the downsides to this bag but I really just can’t come up with any. I guess some people may find it has a few too many little pockets inside but I love having places to put different bits.

The Nordace Backpack is hard to beat

This backpack really does have it all and doesn’t even compare to the fashion backpack I was previously using. It isn’t the cheapest backpack you’ll find but it is so incredibly well made, thought out and feature-packed that it’s certainly in a league of its own.

If you’d be interested in getting your hands on one of these backpacks, Nordace have kindly offered a 10% discount for my readers. Simply click the link HERE and enter the promo code: twindividuals

If you’d like to see what I pack in a bag for a family day out, you can hop over to my youtube channel and check out the video below.

Upgrade your Nordace backpack

Nordace also make coodinating packing cubes. This came in so useful on our overnight stay before the ferry. As the packing cubes cleverly zip and compress their contents, you can fit in loads and this then fits perfectly inside the backpack. We were able to pack just a few bits rather than take our big suitcases into the hotel. Click HERE for more packing hacks.

I’d love to know what backpack features you find important and whether you researched your family backpack as much as your baby bag.


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5 thoughts on “Nordace Backpack Review: Why this smart bag is in a league of its own

  1. Hiya, great review! Thanks
    how do you think this bag will go as a newborn changing bag? Really like the look of this bag as a more unisex option as hubby doesn’t like most of the mainstream ones!

    1. Hi Lucy, apologises that I only just saw this message. I think this bag has some really great features that would make it work as a baby bag. The wipe clean internal pocket, the bottle holder on the side and the handy features like the key chain so you don’t have to rummage. It does have features like a wide back section intended for a laptop/tablet but this could be used for wipes and nappies. It’s got loads of internal pockets for creams and all the bits you carry around.

  2. Fab thanks for that. I will look into it.

  3. I am looking at the cream colored one for air travel for work. My concern is how hard it will be to keep it clean going under the seat on airplane, thoughts?

    1. We are yet to use on a plane thanks to the pandemic but we have used the bag a lot over the last year and out on picnics etc and it still looks really good.

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