World Bee Day – 6 Preschool Activities

Did you know bees fly about 55,000 miles to make around 450g or a small jar of honey? That’s 2.2 times around the world! And a single bee only makes a little over a teaspoon of honey in its entire life. Next week is World Bee day and so I thought I’d share some fun preschool activities that are all bee related.

I know I go a bit ‘extra’ with days like these but maybe a couple of these ideas might inspire you to share some bee facts with your little ones.

1) Busy Bees Short Video

As much as I avoid too much daytime screen time, I appreciate it has its place and when used sparingly can be a really effective tool to deliver information that is engaging and exciting. YouTube clips are a perfect example of this. Here’s a great one which is packed with bee facts.

2) Rock Bees

We use acrylic paint for rock painting (check out our father’s day rocks HERE). If we want to use our finished designs in the garden, I will give the rocks a coat of varnish to make them weather resistant.

Paint as much of the rock as you can see yellow. We don’t bother painting the underside. You may want to give a quick base coat of white before you start as otherwise the rocks will need quite a few coats of yellow.

After the yellow is dry, add on a few black stripes and some eyes. You may want to add on white wings but this is optional as the yellow and black look effective either way.

3) Pollination Activity

Plants depend on bees and other insects to help them reproduce. When the bee goes to a flower to collect nectar and pollen some of the pollen sticks to the bee and then when the bee moves onto a new flower it takes the pollen with it helping new seeds to grow.

In a bowl, put three or four small sweets. I used mini marshmallows. Then fill the bowl with cheese puffs. Ask children to root around in the bowl with their hand to find a sweet and then place on a white piece of paper. Repeat until all the sweets have been found.

Explain the cheese powder is like the pollen in a flower. As a bee searches for nectar (the sweets), she gets coated in pollen (like on their fingers). When she visits another flower some of the pollen goes with her. Look at the white paper. Can you spot any cheese powder?

4) Honey Tasting

Check out some local honey as a tasting activity. We bought some from a nearby farm and then had a little taste test comparing some shop bought squeezy honey to this pot. The texture and taste were both quite different and the girls unsurprisingly loved both.

5) Bee Activity Sheet

I’m not the greatest fan on worksheets but it was a nice way to combine a few simple activities in one place and I thought it might be useful for others. You can get your child to press the three orange sound buttons to sound out the three sounds in the word ‘bees’. B-ee-s.

Children can then practise their letter formation by following the arrows to initially trace over the capital and then lower case Bb. There is also a little scissor skills activity and finally a maths one to identify a hexagon and count.

Get Your Bee Activity Sheet Here

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6) Biscuit Bees

You can’t have a bee day without a bee biscuit. I made similar ones for World Penguin Day last year. You can check that out HERE. Again, you just need a few simple ingredients and you are good to go.

  • Chocolate Oreos or own brand alternative
  • Icing sugar and Yellow Food colouring or Yellow Icing Pen
  • White Chocolate Buttons
  • Edible Eyes

Simple ice a few lines onto the top of the Oreo biscuits. Next, add on some edible eyes using a spot of the icing as glue. Finish by chopping a white chocolate button in half and placing on top for wings. Voila – a super simple bee biscuit.

Do you like bees?


preschool activities to celebrate world bee day and learn lots of fun bee facts

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