Father’s Day – Messy Fun with Messy Me

With father’s day just around the corner, I’ve been scrolling Pinterest like a loon for inspiration or pinspiration as I like to call it. Generally, instead of spending lots of cash, I like to get or make something personal to show Daddy just how much we love him. This year, I’ve opted for a few messy crafts and treats to test out our Messy Me’s Splashmat and aprons.

Jessica and Emily’s Daddy is a gamer. For years this bugged me and I discouraged his hobby but now as I tap away of an evening, I like that we can both be together and do our own thing. I thought for father’s day, it’d be nice to create some gaming treats and so we ‘made’ PlayStation biscuits. I say made but I really mean decorated.

Playstation Biscuits

First the girls helped to break up a large bar of chocolate into a bowl. After blasting in the microwave for short bursts of 20 seconds a few times, it was all melted. Jess and Emily took it in turns to drop an Oreo biscuit into the bowl and used forks to flip the biscuit over and cover it completely with chocolate. I then held the biscuit on the fork and tapped gently on the edge of the bowl to remove the excess before placing on a wire rack.

…while these set we got on with another gift…

Daddy Artwork

We moved onto an artwork project. I’d picked up a cheap frame in the sale recently and wanted to use this. I measured how much space we had to work with and Daddy’s footprints fitted perfectly.  The girls had lots of fun painting Daddy’s wellies and helping me to press the prints onto the paper. When the paint was dry, the girls chose their own colour and did a footprint on top of each of Daddy’s welly prints.

Rock Painting

Next we continued with the paint mess and decorated some rocks. Again the girls chose their own colours or ones they thought Daddy would like. Mummy even did one too. These dried quickly in the sun and with a silver gel pen I wrote ‘My Daddy Rocks’ on each. I then varnished them so that they could live in the garden.

By now our chocolate coated biscuit had set and were ready for their design. Handily, the PlayStation controller keys are all familiar shapes and so they had a go using icing pens to draw these on each biscuit. I couldn’t resist doing a set too so Daddy actually knew what they were supposed to be.

These three activities worked really well together as while the chocolate set we could paint wellies. While the welly prints dried, we moved onto rocks. By which time the biscuits were ready to decorate. With the splash mat, it was a simple case of a quick wipe down between activities which the girls helped with too.

Why Messy Me?

The stylish aprons protected their clothes really well and wiped down just as easily. The oilcloth used for the splash mat and aprons is softer than others I’ve used previously and so great for children. It also drapes really nicely which I love as we use it on a low table that the girls stand at. We’ve already used our Messy Me splash mat and apron so many times in the last month and I only wish I’d got them much sooner. The mat especially would have been perfect  during the incredibly messy weaning stage.

If you’d like to pick up your own Messy Me oilcloth head over and take a look at all the products they offer by clicking here. I wish I’d know about their high chair inserts for our Ikea highchairs. Also, if you’re a TAMBA member, they offer a fantastic 20% discount for parents of multiples.

End Results

Here are our finished pieces. I think they look pretty good if I do say so myself. The splash mat and aprons were provided for the purpose of this article but all opinions are my own.


What do you think?

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