15 Rainy Day Outings

It’s typical, the only family day you’ve got free in the week and it decides to pour with rain. Of course, some days it’s nice to huddle up at home but there are times when you just need to get out. I can hack one day at home with twins but two and you’re pushing it.

So here are some suggestions of places you can go when the weather isn’t playing ball. Some are good for a full day out and others will just kill a couple of hours but either way, you’ll have ventured out and likely feel better for it. 


Often libraries are only open during the week and for limited hours but if you know their timetable you can often find story sessions or singing times. It’s also a great opportunity to browse the books and borrow a few new ones for bedtime.


Not only entertaining for big kids but also little ones too. The maze like navigation with arrows to follow and furniture to try out keeps everyone amused. The crèche is also fab and offers a bit of child free browsing. Obviously you’ll need next level restraint not to come away with random bits from the market place.


You need to chose museums carefully as I’m sure many would not keep children entertained but get it right and you’ll have a fab day out and probably learn something new together too. We loved the Museum of Childhood and also recommend New Walk Museum in Leicester.


Shopping Centre 

Although not normally my idea of fun, to take preschool twins shopping but if you plan it for them, you could have lots of fun. Maybe you could go birthday shopping and take photos of what they want on your phone. How about giving each child three pounds to spend in the pound shop. Throw in a cheap lunch and you’ll have a great time.


We haven’t ever actually taken our twins to the cinema. It’s on our to do list but we’re waiting for the right sort of film that we know will keep their attention. To extend the outing, visit a sweet shop to pick some fun treats for the showing.

Play Centre

If you can face the craziness, try a play centre. There are national chains and smaller ones too. Often you’ll find they have a cafe and offer more than just soft play. One of our local ones has indoor go karting, a carousel and a giant role play area with shops, garage, police station and more. 


Why not find out if there are any workshops running nearby. If not, many cities have pottery painting cafes where you can just drop in and pay for what you paint. Even with a baby, you can create a lovely keepsake. Older children can make their own masterpieces. 

Ice Skating

So it’s cold and wet outside and you go indoors to somewhere where it’s cold…and a bit wet. Find your nearest ice rink and check out their family sessions. 

Garden Centre

You probably want to avoid garden centres that just sell plants but some of the larger chain garden centres have lots to offer and are definitely worth a visit on a rainy day. One near me has a mini aquarium, soft play, a cafe and shops to browse.


There is no greater feeling than a strike. Realistically, the only time I’m likely to get one is when the bumpers are up. A couple of games will occupy everyone for a while and if you are happy to sacrifice a few pounds for no likely gain, you’re sure to find an arcade nearby.

Restaurant with Soft Play

Treat the family to lunch out and pick somewhere that has a kids zone or soft play. You can eek your meal out and kill a good few hours. Bonus for not having to wash up.

Indoor/Outdoor Theme Park

Not an obvious choice but don’t rule out a theme park. Twinlakes in Melton Mowbray has absolutely loads to do undercover. There are two huge play centres with lots of indoor rides. This is a great option if the weather is hit and miss. You can just dodge in and out when showers appear.


Trampolining parks are popping up all over and offer various sessions for all abilities. Check out your local park and have fun bouncing and burning off a zillion calories. Rebound in Ashby even has a little soft play too to extend your visit.


Maybe your local leisure centre could be somewhere to try. Look for pools where little ones can reach the floor and have little slides or fountains for extra fun. 

Still Stuck for an Idea?

If you can’t be bothered to venture far but still really want to get out, the easiest option is just to embrace the weather. Wrap up, chuck on your wellies and go splash in some puddles. It’s only rain and little ones will love it.


When its raining but you just need to get out of the house, here are some great ideas for rainy day outings. Lots of ideas for dry and wet fun for the whole family.

What do you think?

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