Days out for toddlers in Jersey

Jersey ticks a lot of boxes if you’re looking for a holiday with toddlers. You get the excitement of flying and really feeling you are getting away, yet only actually spend about 50 minutes in the air. Enough time to enjoy the experience but not too long to get overly bored. Toddlers in Jersey will find so much to do.

Toddlers in jersey

With a slightly warmer climate than England, you also get some lovely warm days through Spring, Summer and Autumn. It is often hot in the summer and so long beach days are totally viable.

Being a crown dependency (don’t ask) they also have a different currency (again makes you feel in holiday mode) but it has the exact same value as the pound and you can officially use them interchangeably. However, we always try and get rid of our £1 notes before leaving as however much you try and tell British businesses that it’s legal tender, there is often an argument.

If you’ve ever see pictures of Jersey you’ll already know how beautiful the beaches are. There are so many to choose from. Some with lots to offer in terms of facilities and others tucked out the way for you to discover. Either way, you’ll find pristine sand and clear waters to explore.

Even when a place looks good on paper, it’s always nice to have some tried and tested days out that you know will be suitable for you little ones. Here are three that we’ve particularly enjoyed with our girls and a rough price guide.

For a family of four   £ – Less than £10  /  ££ – £10-20  /  £££ – £20+

Tamba park: (££) A great family day out and especially geared up for toddlers. At the entrance there is a large indoor rainforest themed playzone and a regular craft and story session on Monday mornings during term time. The park makes a loop around a lovely boating lake which in season has a variety of activities.


First you pass the birds of prey and then small animals like rabbits and chickens. Next you go through the Dino trail with huge mechanical replicas of all your favourite dinosaurs and a few less known ones too. My girls loved this especially the giant egg that cracks open to reveal a baby dinosaur popping out.

After, there is an adventure play park to burn off lots of steam. The whole place is set in picturesque surrounding and has all the usual amenities…gift shop and baby changing obviously.

Jersey Zoo: (£££) Started as a conservation venture, it has now been expanded into one of the must go destinations on the island. There is a good range of animals to see and loads of open spaces for enjoying the Jersey climate.

Children will enjoy the animal experiences and variety of play parks, sandpits and trails. There is enough to do for the day but you could power around in a morning if you wanted to fit in more to your break.

Aquasplash: (££) Although obviously you are surrounded by water in Jersey, this leisure centre is great if the sea’s just a bit too cold to venture into. With a toddler pool, slides, wave machine and an outdoor pool too, there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

There are family changing rooms and if you tag team watching the kids you can take it in turns to hit the sauna and steam rooms. With toddler twins, this wasn’t possible but I looked over longingly instead.


Some others ideas to consider

Jersey experience: (££) A fun day out I’ve enjoyed without children and would be suitable for slightly older ones. There’s a hologram experience to learn the history of the island, crazy golf and the best crepes.

Le petit train: (££- children under 3 ride for free) Ride the mini train that follows the coast road. This is definitely on my to do list in the summer as I know my girls will think it’s fab.

Hire ‘fun bikes’: (££) These bikes where you sit the kids in the front with the adults behind look great fun and would be lovely to take a trip along the promenade. I’m not totally sure if there is an age/height restriction with these but I’d love to try these.

aMaizin! adventure park (£££) and Fort adventures (££) also have great reviews and offer lots to do with children. I’m sure I’ll get to these to at some point soon.

Hopefully I’ve given you lots of ideas and sparked your interest in this little channel island gem. Find more details and links to the individual attractions at Jersey Tourism.



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