Toddler flight bag: What we packed

Next week we are off to Jersey to visit Daddy2twindividuals’ family. The girls are super excited. Although they have been on a plane before, this is the first time they have been aware and they’ve been counting down the days until we go.

The flight isn’t long; only about 40-50 minutes in the air and this is the first time they’ll have their own seat which mummy is super excited about. Our flight back from Lanzarote last year with two very wriggly, grumpy toddlers on our laps was not much fun.

I’ve put together my top 10 items to include in a flight bag. We may not need all of these for this short flight but we are off on a longer journey in a couple of months so I’m sure we’ll use them then.



I’ll have a bag of snack for each flight. This time I’ll only need a few but on longer flights I’d take something small for every 30 minutes and a few bonuses in case of delays. Generally it’s all pretty healthy: mini tubs of raisins, oat bars, toddler puffs/biscotti, fruit etc. Something chewy for take off and landing should also help their ears to pop.



As far as I’m aware, you are allowed to take your toddler’s water with you on flights (even over the 100ml limit). You may want to get water on board to keep your little one hydrated but having a familiar non spill cup is always useful. Beware of those with pop up straws as with the air pressure, they can shoot a fountain of water at you every time you open them.



You are travelling with a toddler. Need I say anymore?



Luckily for us, we are visiting family so we will only need a couple in our hand luggage to see us to our destination. Ordinarily, I’d pack one per hour from door to door. So if we were leaving our house at 6am and arriving at our hotel/villa at 6pm, I’d pack 12 nappies (actually I’d pack 24 for twins). That seems a lot but it again accounts for delays and emergencies.


Toddler flushable wipes:

We are flying with one ‘nappied’ toddler and one potty trained toddler just to make life extra complicated. Hopefully, I’ll be able to convince Jess to use the plane loo if needed and if so, I know flushable wipes will come in handy.



I’ll take small bits of paper or large postit notes for my girls to draw on. Postits are great for sticking all around your tray area. We’ll have colour change pens and these fab triangular crayons from Melissa and Doug. No rolling crayons to search for under seats. We’ve also got some really cheap mini magnetic doodle pads from eBay that’ll I’ll throw in too.



If you’ve read many of my blog posts, you’ll know my girls love love love reading so we’ll pack a few small ones for this flights. For our longer flight, I might take more including these new fuzzy felt ones that I know will keep them occupied for a good while.

Window gels:

You can get these in every shape and colour and normally for about a £1. They can be stuck, removed , restuck on trays/windows etc. Even if they only occupy them for a short time, they’ll be worth it.


Finger puppets:

On our last Ikea trip, these ended up in the trolley but haven’t yet been seen by the girls. They won’t take up much space so they’ll be coming along.

New toy:

Finally, take a trip to Poundland and pick one or two new small toys as surprises. If you are feeling especially organised, I’ve heard wrapping them as gifts works well too. What toddler isn’t going to enjoy a new present? Maybe these could come out when naptime has been missed or a meltdown is imminent.

I haven’t included many parents’ go to distraction – technology. For this flight, we shouldn’t need the tablet but I’ll definitely be packing it loaded with a few Peppa pig episodes, games and short films for our longer flight.

What’s in your toddler’s flight bag? Let me know any of your tips for flying with little ones.


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