Toddler Must Haves

These are so many must buy guides out there for new mums but what about the next stage? I’ve put together my essential guide of toddler must haves. These are all products I’ve purchased myself and feel have offered fantastic value for money. For me, queen of the second hand, that is saying something.

In no particular order, here they are.

Ikea highchair

Ask at any baby group or on any forum for high chair suggestions and I guarantee this one will come up time and time again. OK it’s not glamorous and doesn’t have a load of swish features but it’s utility, easy to clean and dismantles simply for storage. At under £15, you can afford to get a spare for the grandparents. You also know that your little will happily sit in most restaurants as the ikea high chair is practically everywhere.

Munchkin Miracle 360 cup

In my opinion this is a little pricey for a toddler cup but I love it. The unique seal means it doesn’t leak even when held upside down.  With no spout and straws, this cup supports your child’s dental health too. It quickly separates into three parts for easy cleaning with no places for mould to build up.

Back Pack

After the baby stage and therefore nappy bag stage, it’s time to upgrade. When little ones want to start walking, you’re going to need your hands. Personally, I’m not really a back pack kind of gal but with toddler twins, I accepted that it was the only way for the foreseeable future. As a compromise, I treated myself in the January sales to a Cath Kidston back pack. Obviously you could pick up one much cheaper but I use it every single day and so it’s working out as good value.

EDIT: As much as I loved the style of my Cath Kidston bag, it just didn’t stand up to my daily demands and for family travel. I’ve since reviewed the amazing Nordace Siena backpack….check that out HERE if you’re interested.

Gro clock

As soon as my girls transitioned from cot to toddler bed, I knew I was going to need something to help keep them in their room. Introducing the Gro clock. This little device has revolutionised our mornings. After a few days of explaining, they now know that they must stay in their room until the clock face changes to yellow. I often hear the pair of them discussing that they can’t come out of their room until the sunshine appears. It’s a game changer.

Sling Bookcase

Books seem to breed in our house. We’ve tried a few storage options but now use a sling to showcase their favourite books. We also have a similar ikea stand for bedtime stories upstairs and library books get stored below. At a young age, I think it’s important to see the covers and a sling bookcase is great for this. You can pick them up online for about £20. We got ours as an Aldi special buy.

Tangle Teaser

I’d never thought to get a special brush for a toddler’s hair but once we tried Nin’s on holiday, we had to have one. They come in loads of fun colours and glide through wet and dry hair easily. They are also easy for little hands to hold and attempt solo brushing.

What are your toddler must haves? How many of these have you got already?


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