Christmas Games for Twins

At this time of year, it’s nice to have a few festive games up your sleeve for when the excitement gets too much. I find taking a little time out together to play and focus on can calm everyone down. With twins, it’ll lovely to find games that work well with two and so here are some of our favourites.

These are all aimed at preschool aged twins and are more activities than games.

Snowman Buttons

They both get a snowman. Just cut out some old white card and draw on a face. ‘Players’ take it in turns to roll a dice and choose the correct hat and amount of buttons to adorn their jolly fella.

Gingerman Bingo

This set was printed off years ago but you’ll find so many festive bingo printables on Pinterest. Either place the pile of gingerbread men in the middle and take turns to select and match. Alternatively have a caller…aka you…to say the button colour and then pass to the player who has a matching gingerbread man.

The winner is the first to fill their board but we just continue until both boards are full.


Place festive pictures or even old Christmas cards around the room. Call out one of the images and they race to it. This is good for memory and it’s surprising how quickly they learn where each character is. Obviously this can get a bit competitive but my pair love it.

Back to Back Christmas Tree

Give both a simple drawing of a Christmas tree. A green triangle is fine. Player one uses three or four colours to decorate their tree without their twin seeing. They then pass the colours over and sit back to back. Player one then describes their tree and player two needs to try and draw what they think their twin drew.

Clearly they’ll look nothing alike but it is quite funny to try. When they have done explaining, drawings can be compared and then they can swap so player two gets to design a tree and describe it.

Candy Cane Hunt

Simply hide a specific number of candy canes around the room and then get them to find them. The one who finds the most wins. Just remember to keep track of how many you hid or you’ll be finding them in June.

Another way to play is to get one twin to hide a candy cane and then use hotter/colder to direct their twin to find it. 

So there you have five fun, festive activities that work great with twins but would also work well with similar aged siblings. The Christmas Corners game is a fab party game too.

Do you have any Christmas games you play with your twins?


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