Let’s get crafty AND organised

Back at the start of the festive period… way back in November, I pinned a list of 25 toddler crafts and activities to make and do in the run up to the big day. Obviously I wasn’t going to do them all. Who has time to do a craft every day, especially in December. However, I was determined to get crafty and organised. I wrote down about 10 ideas I wanted to try with all the required resources.(That’s the teacher in me coming out).

December was a blast. We made wreaths, went on candy cane hunts and made gingerbread men. With a bit of planning, we did so much more than if I’d tried to wing together some random christmas crafts with a bit of glitter and sequins. Now, as a newly promoted full time mummy, I want to make sure I don’t miss any crafty opportunities so I’ve created a new plan.

Crafty and organised

Crafty and organised

My theory is if I write down 4 ideas for each month, I’ll be more likely to actually do them. I’m definitely motivated by a list that I can cross things off. Also who knew that there are so many unofficial national days like Fairy Tale day on Feb 26th? My favourites of these have been added into my plan.

I’ll keep you posted on how well I stick to it and share some of our creations with you. I must get hubby Stu to pick up some birdseed seeing as we are stuck home with chicken pox at the moment. Does dot to dot on pox count as a craft?

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