Chicken pox dilemma

I’m guessing most parents realise their little ones have caught the pox when those darn itchy spots appear. They then do their best to try and keep them away from the world so as not to infect anyone else. However, what happens when your kids end up playing with a child that clearly has it?

This was us two weeks ago and at the time I thought very little about it. It was only when I realised that the incubation period for chicken pox can be up to 20 days that it hit me that I could be house bound for over a month.

The chicken pox dilemma

Taking your little ones out and about when you are unaware they have the virus is one thing but now that I had the knowledge that they may have it, what was I supposed to do? I racked my brain for ‘safe’ places to go and soon realised there wasn’t anywhere. How was I to know who I’d be standing next to in the supermarket queue. It could be a pregnant lady or someone with poor immunity.

So what have we done for the last two weeks…well we stayed put. It was boring and I went stir crazy but at least my conscience was clear. Yesterday Jess had a couple of spots on her chest and then woke up today with about 10 more. I feel relieved. Now fingers crossed Emily gets some in the next day or two or we could be banged up until Easter! At least that’s how it feels.

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