Easter Day: Plans and Ideas

Now I’m fully on board with the whole easter eggstravanza, I thought it would be a good idea to plan a fun family day. If I get a few bits organised before Sunday then hopefully we can have a relaxed family day and take some nice photos. Fingers crossed for good weather.


Here are my five ideas for how I plan to make Easter day eggstra special.

1) Decorating:

For Christmas, I go all out and my whole house resembles a sort of tacky grotto which I love. However for Easter, I’ve focused on just the mantelpiece and tried to incorporate crafts we’ve done over the last week or so. I love the hop on bunny as a decoration. My girls are a bit too big for him now so I think I’ll just tie a nice ribbon around his neck and bung him in the loft until next Easter.


2) Easter breakfast:

After a quick search on Pinterest, I’m totally inspired to create a fun egg shaped pancake. We always have fruit and squirty cream but I’m not sure how I’m planning to shape the pancakes. I also found an idea for bunny porridge with bananas for ears and fruit for the face. My girls would love this too so I’ve just got to pick my favourite.


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3) Hunt for their Easter baskets:

As you might have read on a previous post, I hadn’t intended to make Easter baskets but got a bit caught up and decided to just roll with it. Now I’ve made the effort, I want to build up the excitement a bit. I’m planning a little indoor hunt ending with the baskets. Again, on Pinterest I found some lovely themed templates that I amended to create super simple clues like ‘look in mummy’s wardrobe’ or ‘where do all the farm animals live?’


4) Easter Walk with Eggs:

After lunch, weather permitting, we are going on a little walk. We are lucky enough to live in the countryside and so plan to subtlety drop mini eggs into the grass for the children to discover. My girls are only little so I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to fool them. I’m not so sure about my nearly eight year old nephew. If he wants chocolate, I’m sure he’ll play along.


5) Easter games:

A friend told me that Poundland has pin the tail on the bunny. As I haven’t got time to go, I’ve just cut out a giant bunny shape and some tails. We might have a go at an egg and spoon race too with some of the plastic eggs I have.


How are you planning to spend Easter Day? If you have any fun family tradition, I’d love to hear about them.

Check out my video with Easter basket ideas.

Maybe you fancy getting away for the holiday instead. Steph over at Renovation Bay- Bee tells us all about her Easter break.


Fun little touches to make your Easter day extra special. How about an Easter breakfast and a few Easter games?

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