10 Ways to Celebrate a Socially Distanced Halloween

Who could have predicted last Halloween that we’d be in the situation we are in now. We’ve all missed out on holidays, special events and parties these last months. So I wanted to come up with some positive ways to mark the spooky season even if it is a socially distanced Halloween.

Here you’ll find 10 ideas to inspire you

1) Trick or Treat Alternative

Our village normally goes all out for Halloween with a really family friendly vibe. Houses are decorated and there is a buzz as children go trick or treating. It would be such a shame to just abandon this Halloween tradition completely and so I’ve put forward an alternative in my local Facebook group.

We are hoping parents will purchase their own treats for their children and then children can go out and search the neighbourhood for a specific Halloween sign (for example a bat poster). Each time they spot one, they’d receive a treat from their parents.

My thinking is this way we avoid touching other doorbells/knockers. There will be no transferring of sweets from different household and we can all just dress up and enjoy a socially distanced Halloween evening.

2) Halloween Garden Hunt

Similarly to an Easter egg hunt, children could search for treats by torchlight in their own back garden. Glow-sticks could be used to guide the way. Older children could solve clues or riddles to discover the hidden goodies.

3) Bubble Party

Depending on current government restrictions, you could invite a few children from the children’s class bubble to a back garden socially distanced Halloween party. You could play some spooky games or have a go at some Halloween crafts.

4) Movie Night

If you are thinking you’d like to avoid other people entirely, you could opt for a family movie night with some Halloween themed snacks and drinks. There are so many ideas on Pinterest. You’d easily be able to make the movie night into a special event. I’d love to know if you have any family-friendly, non-scary Halloween film recommendations.

5)Pumpkin Picking

Even with restrictions there are still lots of places offering socially distanced Halloween events this year. All the usual places will have been working hard to make these as safe as possible for your family. If you want to be extra cautious, ring and ask when their peak times are so you can avoid them.

These next 5 ideas are unashamedly stolen from Christmas. However, if we can’t bring a little joy to our children after the last six months then when can we. Most of these are inspired by Natasha from Missy and Mummy Days Out who posted her ideas in a Festive Finds Facebook group.

6) Halloween Advent

Why not grab your self one of the wooden advent that you can pick up from places like The Works or Home Bargains and paint it black. Add a few Halloween embellishments and voila a creepy countdown to the big day. I bet you’d be able to find some Halloween chocolate coins or sweets to fill each box.

7) Decorate a Black Tree

This is totally extra but I love the idea of getting a little black tree and some purple and orange tinsel. Children could make their own Halloween decorations to hang on the tree or you could put spiders webs over it too.

8) Skeleton on the Shelf

Find yourself a little skeleton buddy and think up some silly antics for Skelly. I think a shorter version than elf on the shelf would work well. Perhaps a week of spooky mischief would be enough.

9) Halloween Breakfast

In this house we do a Christmas breakfast, a Valentines breakfast and an Easter breakfast. So why not a Halloween breakfast? Some cheap table decorations, plates and a table cloth and you are good to go. Again, I’d head to Pinterest for an abundance of spooky food ideas. Off the top of my head, I’m thinking eyeball pancakes (with those cake decorating eyes) and black milk.

10) Halloween Box

A bit like a Christmas eve box, you could surprise your kiddos with some treats, crafts and decorations in a Halloween box. Maybe you could pop in a Halloween book or film too.

So there you have it, 10 socially distanced Halloween ideas to hopefully save Halloween this year. If you have any more ideas, I’d love to hear them. feel free to post a comment down below or hop over to my Instagram account @Mummy2twindividuals and message me there.


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