6 Valentine’s Traditions to Start with your Kids

Valentines Day. That wonderfully romantic day that has been hijacked by every card manufacturer and supermarket across the land. I guess we should know better and just boycott the whole thing but I’m a sucker for all that smulchy stuff and love to get a valentines card.

So instead of turning my back on this pretty pointless holiday, I’m going to embrace it and use it as an excuse to share the love. Marital love, offspring love, sibling love, friend love are all important so let’s tell the special people in our lives that we love them.

Here are five ways I’m going to introduce Valentine’s Day to my three year old twins. I’m hoping to make these into annual traditions so that they feel especially loved and know they’ll always get a card even if it is only from their Mummy.

1) Send Valentine’s cards to grandparents

Not only do I want them to feel loved but I also and want to help them learn how to express their love for others. Obviously, I’m not going to force them to say or do anything they don’t want to. However, they love their grandparents to pieces so I thought these cards would be perfect to make and send. There are loads of simple card ideas on Pinterest. Check out my seasonal board.

Valentine’s cards

2) Surprise compliments all over the house

Hearts stuck up in every room to tell them how special they are will definitely make them smile. I know they’ll love to find the hidden hearts and read what they say with me. This year I’m just going to create compliments that apply to both girls but as they get older, I think it’d be nice to write compliments about their individual personalities.  If you want a copy of my compliments to cut out, just click the link below. No email is required.

Valentine’s Hearts


3) Heart trail to their card on a balloon

On the compliment cards, there is also a sheet of mini hearts to cut out and create a trail. This could lead to a special breakfast or to a small valentine’s surprise. My trail will lead to a balloon with a card stuck to it. I want my girls to get a valentines card even if it’s just from me...why shouldn’t I send them a card. I think older kids would get a kick out of a posted card so I may do that in a few years time.


4) Valentine’s Breakfast

Basically if it’s pink or red it’s probably going to make an appearance. Strawberry milk will be a special treat. Their porridge will be pink too when mixed with strawberries and raspberries. I’m even attempting French Toast hearts and I’ll use heart cutters to make watermelon hearts.

5) Gift

This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Just a little token wrapped up to open on the day.

6) Photo shoot

If I can get my girls to cooperate, a mini photo shoot with a valentine backdrop would be lovely but we’ll see on the day. Any excuse to get out the camera.

Maybe I’m going a little over board but it’s these little things and special days that I’ll be able to look back on and remember when my SAHM days are over. This is why I quit my job so I could do more of these silly things. The cleaning can wait, I’ve got paper hearts to cut out.

Do you celebrate valentine’s day with your kids? What traditions do you have?

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The article was written in collaboration with gifts from Very.com

4 thoughts on “6 Valentine’s Traditions to Start with your Kids

  1. Some lovely ideas here. Thank you for sharing x

  2. I love it! I got a little valentine’s basket with a card and some treats every year on valentine’s day from my mom growing up&it always made me feel special so I definitely want to continue that with my daughter. These are such sweet ideas!

    1. I’m going to do a bit of Valentine’s decor this year too. Stuck in lockdown it’s going to be harder to pick up a few cute bits but I’ll try as always.

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