Christmas Eve Box: Christmas Book Ideas

Don’t you just love this time of year. The anticipation and build up to Christmas is so lovely. For us, December is a month to make extra time for family and enjoy lots of festive activities. Most of these are free or inexpensive but are the start of family traditions that I hope will create magical childhood memories for my girls as they grow.

In our house, the elf visits everyday but often to offer a Christmas activity, outing or treat. We’ve been lucky enough to avoid the incredibly mischievous ones that appear all over Pinterest. On Christmas Eve he bring their Christmas Eve box. 

At first, I was reluctant to start this new tradition. Thinking surely it was just another money making fad. However two years ago our Christmas Day photos looked terrible. We were all in old tatty, mismatched pjs. That convinced me to give the Christmas Eve box a go.



We keep it simple and only include a few items. Here’s what’s goes into our Christmas Eve box:

  • New pyjamas for the whole family
  • A couple of Christmas books
  • A Christmas DVD to watch on Christmas Eve 
  • Some popcorn
  • Hot Chocolate (possibly as reindeer cones if I spot them cheap)


The Christmas books I’ve chosen this year are all by well known authors but were picked up in The Works for 3 for £5. The Works is great for deals like this but I’d offer a word of caution. We’ve had fab books and also terrible ones from there. Give them a cursory skim read before you buy as no one has time for terrible stories. Choosing great Christmas stories will allow you to gradually create your own Christmas Library. 

Our Choices for this year:

The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas – Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter

Maybe one to avoid before eating as the main character wishes for a Dinosaur who then eats up Christmas only to…you guessed it, poop it all out again. Bodily function hilarity insues.

Mog’s Christmas – Judith Kerr

For any Mog fan or just cat fans, this will be a hit. Poor Mog is confused why there is a tree in the house and strange goings on so she goes into hiding.

Aliens love Panta Claus – Claire Freedman & Ben Cort

There are many in this series all revolving around missing pants. The silly humour and rhyme is likely to appeal to most children even slightly older ones.


Others we’ve read and loved:

Stick Man – Julia Donaldson

The new classic about a loveable stick who gets lost will warm your heart. Gorgeous illustration from the talented Axel Scheffler and a story no Gruffalo fan will be disappointed by.



Father Christmas – Raymond Briggs

This graphic novel tells the story of a rather grumpy Santa as he trudges through his exhausting Christmas Eve. Great for older ones to ‘read’ to younger ones as there are very few words.



Merry Christmas Blue Kangaroo – Emma Chichester Clark

A magical tale of young Lily and her relationship with a very special soft toy. The big man makes an appearance to help blue kangaroo get Lily a gift for Christmas.



Baby Bear’s Christmas Kiss – John Prater

A charming story of family getting together, playing, feasting and sharing gifts. Baby bear has forgotten a gift for Grandbear but discovers ‘Snowberries’ and makes him a mistletoe surprise.



Ten Christmas Wishes – Claire Freedman & Gail Yerrill

Adorable animals take it in turns to make a Christmas wish on a star. Counting a new star on each page, little ones will hear of snow and stories, family and food.



Kevin and Katie’s Christmas Adventure – Melanie Joyce

Competition winning carrots take a magical journey to the North Pole on a flying train. They discover grumpy elves and a stressed out Santa but soon everyone is back in the Christmas Spirit ready for a night they’ll never forget.



and finally possibly one for older ones that could be delivered earlier in December…


The Christmasaurus – Tom Fletcher

A perfect introduction to chapter books with 30 short chapters telling the tale of William Trundle. All he wanted for Christmas was real dinosaur and that’s what he got. Festive, fun and messes up everything you thought you knew about the North Pole.


For all these in one place I’ve created an Amazon list. CLICK HERE


What’s your favourite Christmas story?


Book ideas for your Christmas Eve box

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