Family Christmas Gift Idea: The Gift of Time

Hands up if you’ve got people to buy for that you always struggle for ideas. We all do. Maybe it’s family that are far away or cousins you don’t see regularly but yet you still want to send something special and thoughtful. This is something I’d been struggling with and after searching for ideas I came across the concept of giving the gift of time. Now I know perfectly well how slushy that sounds.

Of course our time is valuable but I also wanted something to wrap. For me one of the joys of Christmas is the gift giving and so I wanted to send a present too. I decided to buy a selection of token gifts with ideas for family date nights. They don’t need to be expensive as the main point of this gift is to provide quality family time rather than to spend lots.

I’ve created an list so CLICK HERE for a quick link to all the gifts from Amazon in one place.

There is one gift for each month of 2019. Inside there is a suggestion for a family activity that is appropriate for that month taking into account the season and special holidays. Here are the 12 gifts I bought.

January – Popcorn

Who doesn’t love to snuggle up and watch a film?



February – Origami Set

Bought new from eBay. This set will provide a focus for family time.








March – Playing Cards

If everyone choose a card game this is at least an hour of family fun. They may even learn new games.









April – Secret Bunny

An alternative to Secret Santa. Instead they choose a name from the organza bag and then head to the pound shop to buy their recipient a gift.


May – Balloon Modelling Kit

It’s not as easy as it looks but it should be good fun trying to create some balloon shapes.








June – Rock painting Book

Even if they’ve tried this before, this book offer loads of inspiration to decorate rocks. Hopefully they’ll have some creative fun and then enjoy family time hiding and searching for rocks in their local area.









July – Picnic Blanket

Who doesn’t need a new picnic blanket? They quickly get grotty and so here’s a nice fresh one to enjoy alfresco dining at its best.








August – Water Balloons

Family silliness make the best memories. Hopefully they’ll all get on board and get wet with these.








September – Paper Cups

Probably the most curious of the gifts. With a quick search on YouTube or Pinterest they’ll find hundred of Minute to Win it Paper Cup Challenges to have a go at. That’s an evening’s entertainment sorted.








October – Cupcake Cases and Sprinkles

Family baking…what could go wrong? Hopefully they’ll have something yummy to show for their time.








November – Lego Magic Tricks Book

If they love Lego, they’ll love this creative book that was picked up from The Works. After a few magic tricks, they’ll be in full swing for a Lego party.








December – Christmas Photo Booth Props

End the year with festive photos.









I packaged the gifts simply with brown paper and some ribbon. Gift tags were stamped with the relevant month and then the whole lots was boxed up to be delivered. Because nothing was overly heavy, this parcel was posted for under £7.



I’d love to hear if this is the kind of gift you’d like to receive or possibly a gift you’d consider sending. If you’re short on time most of these items are available on amazon. Maybe you’re reading this a bit too late for this year so why not pin it for next. Click on the image below.


what to get for the family who has everything. The gift of time

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