Easter Baskets for Twins

With only a little time left until Easter, it’s time to get organised and sort out the girls’ Easter baskets. This is my third year creating easter baskets for my twins and i think this year’s bundles are the best so far if I do say so myself.

I’ve managed to pick up some bargain bits and include a real variety of goodies that I know my pair are going to love. I’ve also managed to avoid filling their baskets with a load of disposable tat that won’t even last the week.

If you’d like to watch more about my Easter preparations including how I’m decorating for Easter, where I bought lots of my decor and me talking through the contents of the Easter baskets, then check out my YouTube video below.

The baskets I have use are actually drawers from a unit in the girls’ wardrobe that are the perfect size and neutral. Let me show you what I’ve filled them with.

Books: Aldi – £2.99 Each

Not very ‘eastery’ I know. I had planned to buy some Easter or spring books for their easter basket but to be honest I could’t find any I liked that were the right stage for the girls. They were either aimed at younger ones or religious. Instead, I opted for these.

Jessica is really enjoying building and construction right now so she’ll get the Engineering book. Emily is my crafty one and loves a bit of messy play so I know she’ll enjoy the Scientist book.

Easter Eggs: Aldi – 79p Each

Every Easter basket needs an Easter egg. I know they’ll get other chocolate from relatives and so I’ve opted just for a small egg each.

Toothbrushes: Home Bargains – 79p Each

With all the chocolate, I thought a new toothbrush was in order. In fact, I should just buy toothbrushes in bulk the way they go through them. As always, I opted for two different colours so we can distinguish which one belongs to who.

Soft Toy: Thorntons – Price unknown

If, like in my house, soft toys seem to take over, try this. Instead of buying a new one each year, have a returning soft toy that comes back to visit for a few weeks. These bunnies were bought by their Nannie for the girls’ first Easter and have been reappearing each year since.

They were originally from Thorntons and have a cute little pouch which you can add an extra hidden treat. Just like our Christmas soft toys, they go away with the decorations each year.

Colour-in Hangers – Home Bargains – £1 a pair

These little hangers came in a pack of two and also came with a set of mini felt tip pens. I’ve removed the packaging and given the girls one hanger each. I thought this would be a nice little Easter day activity.

Garden Games: Wilko – £3 each / Poundland – £1 a pair

Just after Christmas, I picked up the two garden games from Wilko thinking they’d be great for Spring. I know the Velcro catch game will be a hit but I’m not sure either of the girls has the skills yet for the ankle hopper. I’m sure they’ll have fun trying though.

The skipping ropes were bought last year from Poundland and I thought £1 for two skipping ropes was a bargain. Again, I’m not sure they’ll be able to skip but you know what, they’ll use them for a thousand ideas I couldn’t even think up.

Bunny Ear Clips: Home Bargains – £1 Each

These may be my favourite purchase this year. I just think they are adorable and a great alternative to the traditional bunny ears headband. I also love that they come in two different styles which is perfect for my twindividuals.

A Little More Chocolate

It is Easter after all so I’ve popped in these small chocolate treats too. The Easter lollies come in a pack of 10 from Aldi which I believe is less than a pound. I also picked up the Maltesers bunnies from Co-op on offer at two for 50p.

There you have it, my girls Easter baskets done for another year. I’d love to hear what you put in yours. If you’ve got to the bottom, why not go check out my Youtube video that’s linked above to continue getting you in the Easter mood.


Lots of fun Easter basket fillers for little ones. A good mix of activities, treats and games for Easter day.

2 thoughts on “Easter Baskets for Twins

  1. I really like this but think my two are too young for it at the minute might opt for waster egg hunts if you have any tips on that

    1. We just have loads of the plastic eggs you get from pound land and they each have a tiny treat inside. We then just hide them all over. I’ve found giving different children different colours to find works well.

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