Easter baskets for toddler twins

When my girls were six months old, my sister put together some gorgeous Easter baskets for them. At the time, although I was really grateful, I did think it was a bit silly. Why put in so much effort for Easter?  I definitely wasn’t going to be doing that every year. Fast forward a couple of years and before I’ve realised, I’ve collect a mound of goodies for a pair of unplanned baskets.

I give in – Easter baskets are happening in our household. Nothing cost over £3 and the ‘baskets’ are actually drawers from a unit in the girls wardrobe that I’ll just put back on Easter Monday. If I can recreate even a tenth of magic that Christmas brings, then why not jump on the easter basket bandwagon? These childhood years are so brief and I’m going to enjoy every silly tradition while they last.

I tried to avoid too much chocolate as I know they’ll get Easter eggs from relatives. Instead, I’ve opted for a few bits of Easter tat, a few useful items and I’ve thrown in a completely unrelated book that was in the January sales. So here they are.

Easter baskets

Below I’ve listed the contents with price and the place they were purchased.

Umbrellas: birds/weather – Home Bargains £2.99 each


Easter string lights: carrot/bunny – Poundland £1 each


Bunny ears and tail – Poundland £1 each


Soft felt play books: Fuzzy jungle/ocean – Aldi £2.99 each


Straw cups: stars/castles – Home Bargains £1.99 each


Egg cups – eBay £1.99 (4pk)


Colour change pen: red/purple – Paperchase 50p each


Bunny soft toy – Thorntons £? (Gift from last Easter that they won’t remember)


Chocolate chick/lamb – Aldi £1.99 each


Mini eggs – these just ‘fell’ into my trolley at Aldi but I guess I’ll use them for a little egg hunt in the garden if the weather is nice.


Total spend per baskets: £13

What’s in your toddler Easter baskets?

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6 thoughts on “Easter baskets for toddler twins

  1. These are adorable! To be honest I grew up thinking Easter presents and cards were silly and we never really celebrated it. But Easter is the most important festival of the whole year and as I’ve come to appreciate how huge a celebration it is I have tried to replicate Christmas (though without spending quite so much). We have a proper special meal and we do a few little presents. I really want to recreate these baskets, they are perfect! I must check out home bargains! 😊

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and reply. I enjoyed putting the baskets together as know my girls will be really excited to see them on easter morning.

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