Organising Twins Clothes

With the rate children grow and change of season, it’s like a full time job managing a little one’s wardrobe. OK, I exaggerate but if you don’t keep on top of the mountain of clothes, before long you’ll be swimming in jeans that don’t fit and woolly jumpers when t-shirts are in order.

With twins, this is obviously doubled and so a quarterly clear-out and reorganisation is a must. Unless you have an exceptionally large room or twins have separate bedrooms, it’s likely twins will be sharing a wardrobe and chest of drawers. That’s the situation here anyway.

Mismatched or Wonky Twins?

Recently I wrote about why we choose to dress our fraternal girls differently. You can read that HERE. Also Jessica and Emily are also what are affectionately known as ‘wonky twins’. This means that for the most part they don’t wear the same size clothes.

The following tip and suggestions will be most helpful for individually dressed twins, wonky twins or boy/girl twins. I presume when you are organising two sets of identical outfits you may also need to come up with other clever ways to sort the clothes.

Dresser One:

Socks and Pants

The girls wear the same size here but small divider boxes from Ikea could easily be used to separate. I certainly don’t fold pants and socks are paired and thrown in.

Vest and Tights

For vests, I just buy two different colours or styles. For the most part, they could probably get away with the same size. Tights are separated into two divider boxes so I can quickly grab the right size.


We have a lot of pyjamas. I don’t worry too much about separating these. The girls know which ones fit them and they often wear the same ones over and over anyway. I do like to roll them so they are easy to match up and you fit so much more into the drawer this way.

Dresser Two:

Short Sleeve Tops

I work left to right with smaller tops on the left and larger ones on the right. This means Emily has a section, Jessica has a section and those that would probably fit both go in the middle.

Long Sleeve Tops

Just like the short sleeve tops, I roll tops to save space and work left to right. By separating them like this it also makes it clearer to see who might need more or a certain item and clothing can be moved along or out as the girls grow.


Because the girls have quite a lot of bottoms and they take up a bit more space than tops, they each have a drawer. In each drawer, there is a section for plain leggings, patterned leggings and jeans. As the season changes, the jeans will be replaced with shorts or skirts.


The final drawer is used for swimwear and their hooded towelling ponchos.


From left to right I hang :

  • Dungerees
  • Short Sleeve dresses
  • Long sleeve dresses
  • Tops that crease easily
  • Any items they may grow into shortly

In each section, I try to pair up similar items so I can grab two outfits in one go. Mostly, I choose the girls clothes and so this makes it quicker and easier for me. However when the girls pick, as long as it is suitable for the weather and day’s activities they have free rein to choose what they wish.

Bottom of Wardrobe

Here I keep any clothes I buy or I am given that are either too big or not appropriate for the season. The mini chest in the wardrobe was a mistake purchase. The drawers are just too tiny so I think we will get rid of this. I’d love something else here instead or possible another rail. What do you think?

I hope you’ve found this clothes tour useful and it’s given you a little inspiration for organising twins clothes.


Organising clothes for twins is tricky. Here are some tips to get the clothes under control.

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