Day In the Life: Hourly Photo for World Photo Day

If you’re anything like me, you’re a bit nosy. I’d love to be a fly on the wall and watch other families. It’s probably why I have a slight Youtube addiction and need to catch up on my favourite vloggers every day at quiet time. I thought for World Photo day, I’d try and share a little of our everyday life and set myself the challenge to take a photo every hour of the day.

This was harder than I thought but I managed it and although they are not the greatest photographs in the world they are real and give a glimpse into our world right now. I’m sure I’ll look back on some of these and remember the smallest details with a smile.




The girls Groclock turns to a sunshine at 7:20 and that’s when they pile into our bed. I’m sure like lots of other families it’s a quilt wrestle and and there are elbows and knees everywhere. Some morning we can stay cuddled up for half and hour and other days its a matter of minutes before either Daddy or I have had enough and get up.




The girls have a mammoth breakfast most days consisting firstly of some kind of bread product either toast, crumpets or muffins. This is followed up by porridge and then cereal some days too. Unsurprisingly this creates quite a bit of washing up but at least it’s a colourful bowl of bubbles.




Depending on where we need to be, I’ll try and do a few house jobs. Today we weren’t in a big rush to get out and so I managed to get a load done and pegged out. Does anyone else’s dark load consist entirely of Daddy’s clothes. The girls and I barely own anything dark. I got Emily to snap this picture. She loves taking photos.




After everyone was dressed, the girls pulled out a game. This one is a carboot find which we picked up for £1. They have been playing it a lot and there are so many ways to play matching the pictures to the letters. The boards are even reversible.




I packed a picnic and we headed to our local Snap Dragon festival just down the road. It was roasting so we darted between activities and the shade. The girls played in the giant sand pit and then Snappy made an appearance. The girls are a bit squinty but I love how they are reaching for each other’s hand.




A terrible photo of our picnic lunch however I’m actually getting quite the whizz at whipping up a yummy picnic. We are averaging 2 or 3 a week and so I’ve learnt what works and what the girls like best. Best of all, tidying up consists of binning the rubbish and giving the picnic blanket a quick shake.




The Children’s Centre was open so to avoid too much sun we went for a play inside. The girls loved it so much we stayed for about an hour. There were lots of sensory activities set out and Jessica particularly enjoyed sorting the dried pasta between containers. The role play area was also a hit and they set up their own cafe. Sometime its nice to just play with different toys.




We braved the sun for a little while before we headed home. First to play with some circus toys that had been set up and then onto the slide. Emily burnt her bum coming down as the metal was so hot. Mummy had a few minutes to lie back in one of those huge swings and stare up at the cloudless blue sky.




We were home for quiet time. Time for my hair to go up. I grabbed myself a drink and enjoyed a few minutes peace. Today the girls entertained themselves with some Peppa Pig duplo and a new Frozen book with mini figures.




The book obviously inspired them to get into role and so out came the dressing up clothes. Their Elsa and Ana dresses are definitely their favourites. Normally they insist on the Frozen sound track being played so they an sing along.




A super easy dinner tonight so I boiled this whilst scrolling through Facebook. Daddy arrived home just as it was put on the table. 5 stars for timing. Shame I forgot the garlic bread. It’s then a joint effort to get all the pots done and the kitchen back to a relatively decent state.




Seeing as it was still roasting hot, the girl got a little treat. These are homemade lollies. We had a pack of frozen berries in the freezer since last year and so decided it was about time to use them. We just blitzed them with some ice cream and milk.




Stories in Mummy and Daddy’s bed tonight. It was Daddy’s turn and they talked him into three instead of two. Wrapped around their fingers I think. The thumbs go in when they get sleepy so id say they were definitely ready for bed.




When the girls go to bed, I work on my blog for some of the evening. I’m either writing new posts, answering emails, editing images or sharing my stuff online. Tonight I had some images to edit and a few Pinterest issues to sort. Blogging is something I’ve fallen in love with and although it’s hard work, I feel really driven to make something of my little space on the internet.




Stu and I try to come together for at least some of the evening. Most night we are in the same room but doing our own thing. At 9pm we switch off our other distractions and usually watch something on Netflix. We are midway through The Crown at the moment and I didn’t realise how little I knew about the Royal family. It’s fascinating but quite easy watching.



Bedtime…well almost. I convince myself it’s time to go upstairs then often go down the rabbit hole of Instagram or Facebook.


Why not take on the challenge yourself. If nothing else, you’ll create a unique keepsake of an ordinary day that one day may not feel so ordinary.


What do you think?

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