Royal Wedding Party ideas with Children

I’m not really a royalist. If you push me, I’d probably say they aren’t really worth the cash. But who doesn’t love a wedding….especially a royal wedding.

Somehow the Princes’ lives seem somewhat intertwined with mine. Wills was born the same year as me and Harry the same year as my sister. We sort of grew up together. Wills met Kate at uni just like Stu and I met. They have started a family at roughly the same time. Somehow it makes me feel more connected to them than the rest of the gang.

So now it’s Harry’s turn to tie the knot and so I’m getting into the patriotic spirit. Our family is joining up with our friends to throw a mini wedding party. Kind of ridiculous I know but it’ll be fun to watch on the TV and I want to make a bit of an event of the day.

Realistically the children aged 11 months to 4 yrs aren’t going to be that interested so I’ve come up with a few ideas to keep them entertained. These needed to be simple and require very little prep as we will be at Centre Parcs the week before and I’ll have no time to organise anything elaborate.


You can’t have a party without decorations so I’m going to give them a load of red, white and blue paper strips and let them go to town creating paper chains. Tape is probably safer than letting toddlers lose with a stapler so a mass of tape to keep them going and let’s see what they create.

Snack time

All the decorating is bound to make them peckish so some heart shaped biscuits (ideally shop bought to save time) and red, blue and white icing should keep them happy for a while. Can you see where I’m going with the colour scheme?

Crown craft

If you are going to attend a royal wedding (even if from your living room telly) you need to be dressed the part. With a few snips, a paper plate can be transformed into a child’s crown. They can then adorn their headpiece with stickers and gems or just go crazy with some felt tips.

Guess the dress

While the adults sit eagerly waiting and try and predict what Megan will be wearing, the little ones can create their own wedding dress gem. Traditionally a hen party game, I’m sure a loo role wedding dress will be just as much fun with children. With a roll each, just let them go for it on each other. I’m envisaging more mummy than bride but it’ll make for good pictures.


Finally, just as a filler, I’ll print off some Union Jack colouring sheets to keep them amused.

Will you be watching the celebrations or do you think it’s all a load of rubbish?


What do you think?

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