National Sibling Day: Celebrating with the Frozen Sisters

I’m still on the fence over the whole Disney Princess obsession some little girls have. It’s everywhere and on everything and usually covered in pink and glitter. Purely for balance, I don’t buy that kind of stuff. They get it from relatives and so I try and offer a whole range of different toys/characters.

Sassy Princesses

However, there are definitely some sassy princesses that are making me feel a bit different. Rapunzel for example has got such passion and drive and goes after what she wants. Likewise, Moana does whatever it takes to help her family and follow her dream.

On the 10th of April it’s National Sibling day and so it seems only fitting to also take note of another pair of strong princess siblings. Of course I’m talking about Ana and Elsa. Hasbro toys were kind enough to send me these Frozen dolls and I knew straight away they’d be adored. Since the first time we read Frozen, Jess and Emily have been addicted. They know the story inside out and sing the songs loud and strong even at 6:30 in the morning.

Role Play

As children do, they act out scenes and pretend they are the characters. Jess’ hair is longer and she insists on Ana plaits. Emily is happy to play Elsa. The dresses were bought for a fancy dress party and for a treat, they put them on and watch the film.

What makes me smile is that this story gives such a fantastic female empowerment message to girls and is one of only a handful of Disney films that doesn’t require a man to step in and save the day. True love is required to break the spell and Ana’s act of true love for her sister saves them both.

Watch them learn

Whilst my girls play, I hear snippets from the film and love the fact that they have such strong female leads to emulate. I’m not suggesting that Frozen is only for girls. Absolutely not but that the sibling bond is one our first loves. It can be our strongest relationship and for many our longest.

With their new toys and budding language skills, I hope they’ll continue to play with the story and understand the true meaning behind the sister’s bond. I just know it’s going to be one of those stories they’ll remember fondly when they look back on their childhood.

What other Disney films do you think have strong female leads?

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