Disney on Ice … Better than a Panto?

We are huge Disney fans in this house and I am personally loving the new breed of empowered princesses who don’t need rescuing. The likes of Moana who has her sights set on greater things for her community or the Frozen sisters whose sibling love is what’s strong enough to defeat the curse. Even a classic Disney protagonist like Belle, wants to see more of the world than just her provincial village.



Dream Big

The latest offering from Disney on Ice is the inspiring show Dream Big. This 90 minute performance features just such characters and takes the audience on a journey though some of the best Disney scenes with so many top tracks that’ll have you on your feet and singing along.

On arrival, there was a buzz of excitement and clearly even the adults were a little Disney crazy as the expensive merchandise and snacks were been snapped up. I’d suggest either adding to your budget or setting clear expectations before you go about what you’ll be buying. Everything is very tempting and even I, little miss thrifty nearly caved.




Seat Delivery Service

The sweet smells waft around the arena and if like us you arrive close to the start or you just can’t be bothered to queue, you don’t need to. You can now get gifts, food and drink brought to you by simply using their online ordering system. 

The show kicks off with Minnie and Mickey warming up the crowd as they celebrate Mickey’s 90th Birthday. This iconic due reappear numerous times to tie the whole show together and offer clues to who is coming next.

Disney on Ice or a Pantomime?

I’d been undecided between Disney on Ice and a pantomime this year and I’m so pleased we were able to attend this performance. Although I’m sure my four year old twins would have loved a panto too, every character here was familiar. They knew the songs and there was a real pace so there was no time to lose interest at all. 



The ice and snow added another festive feel that you just couldn’t get from a pantomime. Seeing as ticket prices are pretty comparable, I’d definitely recommend Disney on Ice. It’s especially suitable for a younger audience. However, maybe if you’ve done quite a few pantomimes and are looking for an alternative festive show.

Special Effects

The use of creative lighting transformed the ice magically from an underwater stage for Ariel to a forest for Aurora then back to the waves for Moana. Of course the magic of a frozen Arrandale was easiest to create but the falling snow added something extra. 



On a couple of occasions fire lit up the ice in a dramatic spectacle. Once during the Moana sequence and again for the fire breathing dragon Mallificent. Both were theatrical but done so that even the most timid wouldn’t have been scared.

To End

The finale saw all of your favourite couples come together. The skill and acrobatics of the performers is definitely worth noting. It is something the younger ones won’t aporeciate as much but they truly do a fantastic job of combining the essence of such well known characters with amazing figure skating.



We were slightly disappointed not to see Belle perform in her yellow ball gown. She came on very early for two songs and we expected her back in the second half. Of course they can’t do everything but ‘Tale as old as Time’ is a crowd pleaser and they even had the costumes as it was worn for the finale.

Was it cold?

I’d wondered what the temperature would be like but it was comfortable and I happily sat in a long sleeve top, skirt and tights. They girls were fine in a long sleeve top and tights with their costumes over. Lots of children were dresses up. 




Getting There

One final tip is to leave extra time and then some to get to the arena. We’d factored in rush hour traffic for our 6:30 showing but Nottingham city centre was rammed and parking was a nightmare. Door to door what should have taken 50min took almost 2hrs so go early.

If you have a little Disney fan in your house, this show is a banker. You know exactly what you are getting and you know they’ll love it. Maybe this year it’s time to try an alternative to a pantomime. What do you think?


is disney on ice better tha a pantomime? here is my review

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