Swimming in guilt

What is it about being a parent that ramps up the guilt dial? Whether you go out to work or stay at home, feed from breast or bottle, let them cry or sleep in your bed, there is always something that makes you question whether you are doing this parent lark right.

Recently, I’ve been feeling particularly guilty over the fact that my girls don’t have any regular access to swimming. When they were tiny and we were waiting on Emily’s heart op, we weren’t allowed to take them for fear of infections. By the time it was OK, many of my friends had been attending baby swim classes for months.

Not enough hands

In baby magazines, I see adverts for fab looking swim sessions and underwater photo shoots. The problem is, they require a 1:1 ratio with child to adult. With twins and a husband that works weekends we just can’t go.


Swimming in guilt


The idea of taking them alone to a pool just terrifies me. In fact the changing process scares me more. Two wriggly toddlers in a cramped cubical dripping wet and cold doesn’t sound too appealing on my own so I just haven’t done it.


Not following in Daddy’s footsteps

Daddy2twindividuals grew up in a Jersey and learnt to swim in the sea. By the time he started school, he was a confident swimmer. We’ve taken Jess and Emily to the pool many times but it’s nothing compared to the weekly sessions lots of toddlers are getting. I absolutely love swimming and believe it is such an important life skill which we need to teach as early as possible.


Family swimming


Luckily, when we have been around the water, they’ve loved it and seem pretty confident. Hopefully they’ll catch up when they are of an age to attend classes without an adult. Until then, I may have to be brave and start taking them to public sessions on my own.

What tips do you have for taking toddlers swimming alone? I need some parenting hacks and words of encouragement.



As\a parent there is always something to feel guilty about. My girls haven't been to a swimming lesson and so aren't as confident in the water as their peers.


23 thoughts on “Swimming in guilt

  1. Oh my goodness, I’ve literally been beating myself up for this very same thing for about 10 months!! Amelia had swimming lessons every Wednesday from about 4 months old, and is a pretty good swimmer. Wills has never been – eek! I have no way to get past the 1:1 ratio thing during the week, and there are no classes local to us that run on weekends. I feel so guilty that Amelia got to do it and Wills hasn’t yet. For now we just settle with the jacuzzi in nanny’s garden..! I don’t know what the answer is, but I’m hoping to find a way once we’ve moved (here’s hoping!) #BloggerClubUK

    1. It’s not an easy one to solve other than wait until they can go to lessons alone. I am going to be brave and try take them to a public swim session at some point this summer. Wish me luck x

      1. We’ll have to compare notes!! I would say break a leg, but can you imagine parenting right now with a broken leg haha!!xx

  2. Swimming can be a right task can’t it! I have to wait until Hubs is off so we can go, we use a private pool that won;t allow me to go in with my two without them having an adult each. To be honest I don’t think I’d brave it if they let me! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  3. Oh I can not imagine taking them swimming on your own! Yes the changing room would fill me with dread too. Can this not be an activity to only do if you’ve got someone to help you? Or pop one in the creche whilst you take one and then swap over if your pool has a creche facility. I didn’t take mine swimming on their own when they were small so don’t feel too guilty! #postsfromtheheart

    1. I think I need to look around at what different pools offer. If I’m being completely honest, I’ve been burying my head in the sand

      1. Come with me next time. I was the same, just thought swimming wasn’t an option with twins. You can do it though. It’s not as hard as you think x

  4. I have this guilt! As an adult, I can’t swim well and I wish I had the time, confidence (and money) to take mine, and to get them lessons! No tips here-but just wanted to drop by and let you know you’re not alone!!!


    1. Thanks, my mum offered to come with me every now and then so I’m going to try that to start with I think

  5. I’ve got nothing apart from sending you positive thoughts and wishing you luck!

  6. I feel the same guilt. Bens only been swimming a handful of times. Doing the changing thing singlehanded is so hard so we’ve only gone as a family which is hard when we both work full time. He does love the water though!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

  7. Harry is nearly 5 and Charley is 1 and I couldn’t imagine taking them both swimming on my own. The changing rooms are nightmares just me swimming let alone 2 kids as well. #postsfromtheheart

  8. I have managed to take my 2 and a half year old toddler twins swimming twice by myself. It’s actually not that bad now they aren’t babies anymore.
    You should give it a try. Only works if they both wear armbands though.
    I realised I could do it my self when I went with my MIL and both the girls wanted me and only wanted me to dress/undress them ‘No mummy!’ it dawned on me I was actually doing it all myself. It takes them about 5 min of being in the pool to relax and realise they can let go of me and still be safe.
    I shower them both quickly, get them in a poncho towel and give them a snack. This keeps them quiet while I quickly get ready, then I dress them one at a time. I have been lucky enough to get a large family room each time I go. Some pools have poolside disabled/family changing rooms which is handy if you aren’t bothered about showering after.

    1. I did take my daughter to swimming lessons and twice it ended in disaster. So don’t feel bad. I think they do better when they’re older anyway!!

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