New Years Resolutions for Twin Mums

2019…really? Next year we will be calling in 2020. which to me, sounds like some sort of futuristic film or novel. Regardless, the new year is upon us and I for one like to make resolutions. That new year feeling gets me motivated to make changes and set goals for the coming year even if they do just involve clearing out the garage.

As I sat thinking about what I’d like to achieve next year, it made me wonder if all twin mums had similar resolutions. I asked around and here are some of the top ones.

1) Stop calling them ‘The Twins’

This is such an easy trap to fall into and although I don’t really use it, I’ve heard it a lot. I do say ‘ the girls’ which I guess is just as bad in terms of not addressing them individually. Do mums of boy/girl twins group them like this?

2) Spend more time with them Individually

If only there were more hours in the day or more opportunities to get them one on one. I really try with this one but would love to do more.

3) Have a Mummy’s day off once a month

Coffee stop

I keep saying I’m going to try and do this and each month I fail miserably. Right now it’s about every three months when I get my hair done and then take a leisurely shop around a local retail park.

4) Accept the Imperfections

Life isn’t like Instagram and not all crafts and baking activities will turn out looking like they do on Pinterest but that’s fine. It’s time to embrace the imperfectly perfect life with twins.

5) Get out of the House everyday

When it takes just as long to get everyone ready and get to your destination than it actually does to be there, it can seem pointless. But yes an hour of nappy changes, outfit changes, bag packing, car seat wrangling and pushchair assembly is really worth it for the fresh air and adult human contact.

6) Join TAMBA

I’m a fully fledged signed up member and it amazes me that all twin parents aren’t. The annual subscription is covered usually by just one necessary purchase such as shoes or the next car seat. However, I am guilty of not making the most of the discounts and I resolve to check them more frequently especially for day trips and travel.

7) Take more Photos

Although this should probably be a resolution for all parents, I feel twin mums need to juggle getting photos of them together and separately at special event. It’s also important to get mummy in the shot too.

8) Nap when they Nap

I never had trouble with this as I was always a good napper. However for some this comes much harder. Parenting twins is exhausting and newborn twins are mind bogglingly shattering. Forget the dishes and laundry and give your body and mind a rest. As they get older, introduce quiet time so you still get down time in the day.

9)  Take them Swimming

A logistical nightmare….yes. A swim bag the size of a suitcase….absolutely. Ok so you’re probably not going to go every week but even every other month is better than nothing. We have definitely not been as often as I’d like but we take every opportunity we can to get them in the water and as a result they love it. I’m going to try every month this year.

10) Encourage Twindividuality

Of course everyone is entitled to parent however they choose. I choose to praise independent choice, actively discourage matching and support and nurture their differences. This year, I want to find more ways to showcase twindividuality.

Do you make resolutions? Are they the same ones each year?


What do you think?

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