7 Free Mother’s Day Treats every Mum would appreciate

Of course we all love our little munchkins but if we could wave a wand and have a day free from responsibility and the joys of adulting, you just know you’d relish every single one of these simple pleasures. These are perks of pre parent life before we even knew they were perks to be savoured. Here’s hoping you get a few of these treats this Mother’s Day because they surely beat flowers and chocolates.

1) Going to the toilet alone:

Who knew this was a spectator sport? To just sit in silence for a few minutes without an interrogation is definitely well deserved.

2) Getting more than four hours of continuous sleep:

Depending what stage you are in, you may well have already reached this golden milestone but mama don’t get too cocky. Just when you thought you could declare to the world that they sleep through, they suddenly don’t and for no apparent reason whatsoever.

3) Having a lie in:

Even when given the chance, your body will likely revolt and so you’ll lie awake staring at the ceiling listening to the breakfast carnage going on downstairs. Still, it’s nice to be treated to a lie in on Mother’s Day followed by cold toast and tea.

4) Being able to leave the house quickly:

So after you’ve dressed yourself and all the small people, you need to double check you’ve got spare everything, make another few toilet trips, find a stuffed toy for the journey, locate shoes, coats and rebrush hair.  A final toilet trip and you’re ready. Well after you’ve convinced a small person that yes a coat really is necessary in winter.

5) Making a phone call:

Whether it’s to the broadband provider or bank, you just know that giving your attention to an invisible other person is not going to go down well. As soon as that phone is to your ear, someone will fall over, break something or just start spontaneously crying.


6) Taking a small bag:

How utterly fabulous to walk around with a teeny tiny bag. A bag that contains just a few essentials and is definitely not stuffed with toddler snacks, two changes of clothes, wipes, calpol sachets, bits of toys and a craft from playgroup. Let someone else carry the big bag this Mother’s Day.

7) A Hot Drink:

The joy in making your drink of choice, sitting down and then just drinking it. No drama to settle, no bums to wipe and no child climbing on top of you and risking third degree burns.

We can dream…

It’s probably a bit unrealistic to achieve all these in one day but a few would be nice. Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mums out there. As much as I jest, I wouldn’t change a thing. One day all these simple pleasures will return and just as quickly, we’ll forget how special they are. Sleep and hot tea are overrated.  Cold toast and cuddles win hands down especially on mother’s day.

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The article was written in collaboration with gifts from Very.com

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