How to have a night away when you have twins

Plan ahead: 

I’m not talking a week or two. This is twins and if your lucky you’ll have one lovely person who’ll be willing to take on the challenge of an overnighter with two tiny toddlers. Baring that in mind, it’s worth getting out the diary about three months  ahead of time and pray your designated child whisperer doesn’t have second thoughts or get ill.



Remember when you just had to pack for yourself. Those days are long gone. As my husband was also working long days this week, I ended up having to sort all four of us. At the moment Jess is practically potty trained but Emily not, so we are going to need to make sure we have all the paraphernalia for nappy changes and then the potty, toilet seat, a million pairs of pants and enough changes of clothing to fill a drawer. We will be gone for less than 24hrs  – you’d never believe it.



So you’ve been planning this mini getaway for months and dreaming of not having to haul a huge baby bag and double pushchair with you everywhere. Now you are actually there, it feels like you’re missing a limb. Embrace the freedom – free hands is an excuse to eat cake I say.


Go hard or go home:

You have one night so make the most of it. Make sure your babysitters aren’t expecting you home early the next day and start the cocktails with lunch.

Brag you have twins:

One of the joys of having twins is all the attention. When I was pregnant, Stu used to laugh at the way I’d manage to drop ‘it’s twins’ into a conversation with random sales assistants and receptionists within about 30 seconds. I still love being part of this special club so being on a night out is no exception. I’m sure the bar tender’s not interested in my instagram feed but tough luck.

Stay up past your bedtime:

Knowing you aren’t going to be woken by two toddlers screaming your name at an ungodly hour is the perfect opportunity to throw caution to the wind and stay out late. Stu and I have agreed we will not be returning to the hotel room before 1am! Eek


Lie in or just lie in bed awake:

The problem with lie ins is that the one chance you get one, your stupid internal body clock will wake you at the crack of dawn for no apparent reason. Never mind, just take a magazine. Gurgle is my mummy mag of choice but maybe I should take something less mumsy seeing as I’m off duty. Settle down with a tea made with the tiniest kettle in the world and watch morning TV like you did six light years ago.

Have a leisurely breakfast:

A proper adult grown up breakfast is in order here. No cold toast, half a bowl of cereal and tepid tea gulped and barely tasted. I’m thinking eggs benedict with a pot (yes a whole pot) of tea. Maybe I could push to waffles or pancakes …. ooooo the choices.


Realise why these escapes are only 24hrs once a year:

Nursing the inevitable hangover that no amount of tea will suppress, pack up and head for home. As lovely as the trip away may be, the prospect of a double lot of kisses and cuddles on your return is enough to make you hurry back.


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