British Summer Time – Why Summer is the Easiest Season with Kids

Is it just me that can’t get their head around the clocks changing? After 35 years on this planet and I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out whether it’s going to be lighter or darker in the morning. Either way, it’s definitely a reminder to me that I must get some blackout blinds unless I fancy sunrise wake up calls for the next few months.

Although it is now officially British Summer time, it still feels a long way from summer. I’m craving some warm rays and lazy garden days. In the hope Summer will pull its finger out and hurry itself along, I’ve put together my top reasons why Summer is easier that the colder months when you’ve got children.

Eating al fresco

Who doesn’t love a BBQ and enjoying the evening air when it’s still warm? It really puts you in the holiday mood even if you are just sat in your back yard. When the weather is nice, we eat as many meals as possible outdoors. The added bonus is that’s much easier to clean up too. A quick sweep and you’re done.

No Coats

Getting dressed and being set for the day is great. The summer means there’s no need to worry about coats, hats, scarves or the dreaded mittens. Getting out of the house just got a tad quicker. (Well unless you add on the time it takes to apply sunscream…but we won’t mention that.)

growing tomatoes

Outside play

As much as I try (and I really do try) to get my girls outside whatever the season, this is so much easier in the summer. They love to be in the garden getting fresh air and running around. They have a whole loads of alternative play options and they get to burn some energy. The garden may look a tip by the end of the day but the house is considerable tidier.

Water Play

Splashing about in the paddling pool and drying off in the sun is so much fun. We may only get a handful of days where it’s warm enough to go water crazy but when they do, my philosophy is that a paddling pool equals a bath….Bad parent hack

Messy crafts

Put down a giant sheet of paper and paints and let them go mad. Just hose them down afterwards. Fancy using glitter…summer’s your friend. Hopefully you won’t be finding it in you carpet for months to come.

family photo shoot

Great lighting for photos

Being outside and having fun provides so many more opportunities to capture some lovely snaps. Cloudy, warm days are the best. Colourful summer clothes and natural lighting are perfect for photographing your little ones.

and finally…

Following a garden picnic what better treat that a ice pole to cool down. Mummy gets her own special one; a Processo and a Peach bellina popsicle from Aldi. If you didn’t try one last year, you’ll need to get in quick while they have them as they sold out really quickly.

Happy British Summer time. Fingers crossed warmer days aren’t too far away. Why do you love summer with children?


Here are the top reasons why summer is the easiest season when you have kids. British summer time is here

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