Mid thirties – it’s got me thinking

It was my birthday on Friday. It came and went and now I’m 34. I’ve never had an issue with getting older. In fact, I see it as an accomplishment and feel lucky to have had another year. When others stressed out about turning 30, I saw it as a chance to hire a hot tub and have a party. Maybe it’s because I felt I’d achieved quite a lot in my 20s but entering the next decade just didn’t phase me.

Now I’m officially in my mid thirties, I am aware that this decade may just go by in a blur with no major milestones to separate the years. We don’t anticipate more children, there are no plans to move house and the travelling adventures of our twenties will be replaced by more sedate family holidays, at least until the girls are a bit older.

This all leaves me wondering, what will stand out as the great moments. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to watch my girls grow, learn new skills and develop as their own people. I guess, the major stepping stones will not be mine but theirs. Riding bikes, starting school, sleepovers, day trips will all bookmark the months and years.

However, I have six years to also add something unexpected to the path. In the words of JLS ‘we only get one shot to make it count’. Hopefully, I can come up with at least one crazy idea that I’ll be able to remember in my old age; something that’ll make me smile and remember my thirties fondly.

For now, I’ll try and forget that I’ve already used up half of this decade. I’ll eat up the leftover cake and enjoy my weekend. Whatever happens, this will always be the decade our family doubled from two to four in less than a minute. That’s a pretty great moment by anyones standards.

What has been great about your thirties?

In case you’re nosy like me, here’s a little birthday haul to show you some of my gifts. Funnily enough, they fell into three catergories

Garden stuff

I’d only mentioned to my mum the other day that I fancied a gnome for my garden and hey presto, I’ve got a gnome.


Can you tell how much I love Accessorize? Lots of nice floral bits for the Spring/Summer.

Crafty bits

A lovely big notepad for all my planning and organising and some fun crafty bits I can use with my girls.

Spoilt as always x

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