‘Mummy happy?’

Mummy happy?

Emily has started to ask ‘Mummy happy?’ when mummy is clearly not happy. She’s a sensitive one and very quick to apologise so when she sees I’m displeased (generally not at her). It’s obvious she doesn’t like it.

This has reminded me how black and white my little ones see the world. I too have been accused of this. Sometimes, I can have a polorized view of the world, seeing something as good or bad and having little time for the grey.

The problem is, she asks at the most inopportune moments. More often than not, I’ve got my cross face on while I explain to Jess why Mummy is not happy that she (hit/pushed/took/insert other inappropriate behaviour). Then appears Emily… ‘Mummy happy with Emily?’.

Dual personality

What am I supposed to do, ignore her? I can’t, so I stand there switching between overly happy to reassure Emily and mad mum  to scold Jess. It feels like a puppet show and it’s exhausting.

I guess it’s one of the quirks of having twins that they are developing their sense of self at roughly the same time and also starting to distinguish between their behaviour and that of their sibling. In Emily’s case, I think she’s trying to figure out whether me being cross with her sister affects how I’m feeling about her.

These surface emotion they see are just fake though and soon enough they’ll be sophisticated enough to see through the beaming smile and stern expressions. They’ll realise none of these little events are relevant to mummy’s happiness. Mummy will love them whatever and mummy couldn’t be happier.


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