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When I returned to work after maternity leave, one of the groups I was disappointed I couldn’t attend was our local wriggly readers session at the library. It was on a Thursday and I worked on Thurdays. So when I gave up my job last month, I was really looking forward to taking my girls on their first library haul.

However, after our long stint at home with chicken pox and potty training, I think I’ve forgotten how to get out of the house in the morning. The library is only about 10 minutes away and songs and stories weren’t commencing until 10:15. (That used to be 3 hrs into my working day!) So why I ended up sweaty and panting as I walked in, I don’t know.

Can’t be late

Racing uphill with a double pushchair was not fun – and why? It’s not like there was going to be a register or detention. I just hate being late. The ten minutes I’d spent faffing with my hair would have avoided all this but like I said I’m out of practise.

The session was lovely but as we were new, Emily especially clung to me. I think they have finally realised I physically can’t lift them both anymore. Now, I often end up picking up one for about 30 seconds then swapping. I should have muscles like Hunter.. yes that is a Gladiators’ reference.

After most of the group left, we hung around to choose some new books to borrow. We also went to get their passports (and hands) stamped. The girls wandered around and flicked through books while I chose some I knew they’d like from authors they’ve been loving. Libraries are so undervalued and I do hope they stick around long enough for my girls to enjoy.

Do you visit the library with your little ones often?

Library haul
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  1. Hope they love the 📚. Well done Mummy getting Out and about. Stella from Jersey

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