Free books…Have you picked up your latest Book Start pack?

Do you know about Book Start? It’s a National book giving programme run by the Book Trust charity. Every year millions of children are reached with the free gift of book packs. Their aim is to inspire a love of reading. My girls are already little book worms and so were not going to turn down the chance of free books and the opportunity to discover new stories to enjoy together.

Book Start

Which Pack?

There are two packs available. One for babies aged 0-12 months and one for preschoolers aged 3-4 years. Jess and Emily turned three this month and so when I saw the Book Start packs advertised at our local library wriggle reader session we grabbed them.

As I try and avoid dublicate toys, games and books for my twins, I intended to only pick up one pack but the lovely library attendant checked and found that not all packs have the same books so it’s worth checking. I know that Sure Start centres and even health visitors can distribute these packs so just ask if you have an eligible child.

Cut out activities

What’s inside?

Our 3-4 year wallet contained a book, Bookstart pamphlet with games and reading ideas and some cut out activities. There is a colour in postcard, a reading door hanger and my girls favourite, a matching games with the adorable Book Start bears.

Matching game

In Jessica’s pack was ‘Alan’s big scary teeth’ by Jarvis. Alan likes to scare his animal friends but he has a secret. What will happen when they find out about his teeth? A funny tale with great illustrations perfect for discussing with your little one.

Emily got ‘Don’t call me sweet’ by Smriti Prasadam-Halls/Angie Rozelaar. Such a cute little monster who doesn’t want to be seen as cute. Well that is until a giant ogre appears. A scare free monster story that would be fab for Halloween.

As soon as we had the books out of the pack, they pleaded to be read to. Since then both books have been poured over again and again. We love the cheeky characters in the alligator story and always love stories with rhythm and rhyme like the monster one.

Sharing a story

Have you got you free book? Did you get one of these or a different title? You can find out more about Book Start here. The Book Trust also offers fantastic book recommendation based on age and themed spark their imagination and build a love of reading.

You might also like to check out my suggestions for great bedtime books for three year olds and four year olds.


9 thoughts on “Free books…Have you picked up your latest Book Start pack?

  1. Ah my little one has just started to become a proper bookworm so I’ll have to check this out! Got to take our latest library books back today anyway… thank you for sharing with us at #blogstravaganza

  2. They do something similar here in Scotland and I think it’s amazing. Two of our favourite books came in the packs my middle son got, so I’m excited to see what we get this time around with my youngest.

  3. I love things like this! The more books in our library the better! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  4. Just noticed your girls have the same names as my two sisters! Love BookStart. As a primary school reception teacher, the children in my class used to receive a pack on starting school, but I think they changed the ages. Fantastic scheme, especially for those children who don’t have many books at home.

  5. I have a little bookworm so will definitely be keeping an eye out for these. My little one’s nursery has the ‘Don’t Call Me Sweet’ book, I’ve not managed to get to the end of it with her before the nursery staff come in, but from what I’ve read of it, it looks like a lovely little story. #AnythingGoes

  6. My 4yr old daughter has just brought back a pack from school, I didnt know they got them once they were at school but I think they are a great idea! I remember she got a black and white book when she was first born and then she also got ‘Alans big scary teeth’ last year at Preschool. Its still a firm favourite in our house! 🙂


  7. These really are lovely books and it’s a great idea. Little Man loves his books and now he’s learning to read at school, it’s a whole new ball game! Thanks for joining us at #TriumphantTales, hope to see you again next week. X

  8. What a fantastic way to encourage children to read. Ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of spare money but wants their children to enjoy books
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

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