What life is like with toddler twins: 2.5yr update


A quarter of a decade has passed since my two arrived and what a time it’s been. The first few months went by in a blur as I struggled to nurse and the sleep deprivation hit hard. Since then we’ve overcome the typical milestones of weaning, some potty training and transition to beds. We’ve also met some less traditional ones like Emily’s open heart surgery at six months old.

After my maternity leave, I went back to work as a teacher part time but I was really unhappy and so after a year, I decided to take some time off why they are still little. So far, I’m loving being at home with them every day. Although I’m not a fan of the phrase ‘terrible twos’, this stage feels like the ‘testing twos.’ They are constantly testing boundaries, their physical abilities and their relationships with each other.

Routine: Since they’ve been in beds for the last few weeks our lovely routines have suffered a bit. Last month, they would wake about 7:30am. Now they have freedom, it can be any time from 6am onwards.

With a partner in crime, who knows what they get up to on the other side of the door. It’s times like these I wish I had a video monitor but I can tell you there is plenty of bouncing and giggling going on. I try and bury my head under the pillow as long as possible then we venture downstairs for breakfast.

Afterwards, it’s always a bit of a rush to get dressed, ‘pottied’, shoes/coat/hair done and be out the door for between 9:30-10 to get to wherever we’re going. As quick as you put shoes on one, the other has started undressing. Although this hour is pretty stressful, I always find it worth it, to get out the house.


Monday is twins group, Tuesday we spend at home or meeting friends. On Wednesdays we go to a structured tots session. Wriggly readers at the library happens on Thursday and it’s another flexible day on a Friday.

Sleeping: Most days the girls nap from 1:30 until 3:30. Recently, I’ve been more relaxed about them missing a nap every few days. Generally they go down well although often there is chatting or arguing for a while.


In the evening, we follow the same routine everyday but alternatate whether mummy or daddy does story time. Again, since the new beds, evening have become a bit of a battle and I’ve spent the last few weeks sat outside their room for about an hour to keep putting them back when they try to come out. I keep telling myself this can’t last too much longer.

Testing out pomegranate

Eating: Both are really good eaters and will taste pretty much anything you put in front of them. We’ve always praised this and try not worry if they don’t eat something. Cheese is an absolute favourite and they both love fruit. We also eat lots of eggs, pasta, potatoes, fish and chicken. Breakfast is like a feast as they have toast, porridge/cereal then yoghurt.

Here are 10 facts about each munchkin


Height- 93cm

Weight- 2st 1lb

Loves watermelon

Has a better memory than me and can recite entire books.

Definitely the evil twin

Potty trained in the day

Wants whatever Emily has

Will happily sit and ‘read’ to herself for about half an hour

Likes to climb and run

Favourite colour is yellow like mummy


Height- 85cm

Weight- 1st 13lbs

Younger by one minute

Carries around a tiny panda

Loves to snuggle and suck her thumb

Plays with dolls and great at role play

Sensitive and easily upset

Almost ready for potty training

Favourite colour is orange

Could eat an entire punnet of blueberries which she calls ‘boobies’ and thinks it’s hilarious

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