Financed by toddler twins

This week, I finally got around to opening bank accounts for the girls. They are nearly 2.5yrs old and yes it has taken us that long. Off I trotted with all the relevant paperwork and tick it is done. We will no longer have an excuse to be financed by toddler twins.

Financed by toddler twins

Until now, every time the girls have been given money, we have either spent it on them or tucked it into an espresso cup on our dresser. The problem with this is that we are notoriously bad for not having cash when cash is needed.

We promise to pay it back

The IOUs were scrawled on a scrap of paper each time money was nabbed. Now they have their own accounts so the Grandfolks or whoever else can deposit to their hearts content. But where will our cash supply come from now? I have no idea…maybe I’ll have to start withdrawing money from an ATM like normal folk.

Financed by toddler

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  1. Good to see you opened accounts for the girls.stella jersey

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