Twins Coordinating Birthday T-Shirts in under an hour

With the girls’ third birthday looming, Emily asked what she was going to wear on her birthday. In all honestly, I hadn’t given it a second thought other than I’d probably buy them new dresses. When I asked her what she wanted to wear, she said she wanted a top with a three on. Birthday t-shirts with a three on. That wouldn’t be too tricky to find surely.

After scrolling through eBay and etsy I just couldn’t find quite what I was looking for. You see I like to dress the girls differently. That’s just my personal preference and while I can see the ease to just buy two of everything, I’ve always enjoyed finding coordinating outfits or the same in different colours. For their birthday t-shirt I was hoping to do just this. No such luck so I opted to make my own.

Who has the time I hear you ask? Well I managed to get these t-shirts done in less than an hour and that was with a quick YouTube search to check I knew what I was doing.

Here’s a no sew guide to making a personalised birthday t-shirt to celebrate you little one’s special day

Birthday t-shirts

What you’ll need:

  • t-shirt/s
  • coordinating cotton fabrics
  • something to draw with
  • scissors
  • fusible web

Fusible web can be bought online or from craft shops.

It has a shiny paper side and a textured adhesive side.

1) Before you start, you need to come up with a design. I kept mine simple with a circle in one fabric and the number three in a contrasting fabric. Bear in mind that you will need to draw the reversed image onto the fusible web.


2) On the shiny paper side draw or trace the images you want. For the circle, I traced around a bowl. The number three I traced onto regular paper from my iPad screen. This saved me printing the number out but probably isn’t advisable as I guess could scratch your screen. I then cut it out and flipped the three over before tracing again onto the paper side of the fusible web. This gave me a reversed number which is what I needed.



3) Next I placed the fabric for the circles face down. On top, I put the circle template with the web adhesive down next to the fabric and the shiny paper side up. With a hot iron, simply press and the fusible web will bond to the fabric. You’ll need to repeat this for the numbers. I chose yellow and orange as they are Jess and Emily’s favourite colours.



4) Take your scissors and cut along the line you traced to cut out the circles and numbers.

5) Give the t-shirts a quick press and then decide where you want to place the circle. I opted for chest height.



6) Peel back the backing paper and place the circle onto the t-shirt. Press with a hot iron to bond the fabrics together. Finally, peel off the backing from the number and repeat.

7) Voila – personalised t-shirts in under an hour.

Not bad if I do say so myself

I’m really pleased with how these turned out. As usual, keeping costs down is always a priority for me so the fact I manged to make these both for £3.60 makes me smile. I already had fabric scraps and leftover fusible web from another project so I only needed to buy the t-shirts.

You could easily use a plain t-shirt your little one already owns and cut up older ones or even pillowcases for the coordinating fabric. Just use what you have. The fusible web can be bought cheaply on ebay so you should easily be able to create a top for less than a fiver.

Personalised t shirt

What do you think? We wrapped these up and gave them to the girls as their first birthday gift.



16 thoughts on “Twins Coordinating Birthday T-Shirts in under an hour

  1. Brilliant idea, even I could do it I reckon! X

    1. A lot cheaper too.

    1. They were pretty easy and I loved that I could just use what I had

  2. Thanks

  3. Those are awesome! You have almost inspired me to break out my sewing machine & fabric glue! Almost. lol

    1. No sewing machine or fabric glue required although I did decide to stitch after the first wear so they last a bit longer

  4. Love these, they look great and it sounds like they’re pretty easy to make too
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

    1. They really were – sometinesits just starting that’s the hard bit.

  5. I’d never have given this a thought, but they are great, well done, I bet they loved them! Thanks for linking up to #TriumphantTales, hope to see you again on Tuesday! X

    1. They did and keep wanting to wear them.

  6. What a great idea. I did something similar with my girls Santa sacks. #TriumphantTales

    1. Thanks – not that creative. I just find simple project online and have a go.

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