No Sew Sock Snowman

Is anyone else thinking about putting up their decorations yet? We normally hold out until December or very nearly but this year we’ve got a festive party on November 25th so I’m thinking that weekend might be good. As usual I’ve been wasting hours scrolling Pinterest and pinning various crafts, baking and decor ideas. I came across these no sew snowmen and they looked cute and easy so I thought I’d give them a try too.


What you’ll need to make a pair of snowmen:



  • A pair of white socks
  • A pair of patterned or coloured socks
  • Some thread/wool or elastic bands
  • Rice
  • Funnel
  • Scissors
  • Pins or Buttons


Here’s What To Do:

1) Firstly cut off a section of the sock approximately half way between the heel and top. There’s no need to be exact or neat, just eyeball it.



2) Next put a handful of rice in the bottom of the sock and then stand your funnel in this. This holds the funnel in place while you continue to fill the sock with rice.



3) Add more than you think. Even with small child socks, I was surprised how much rice they held and when you lift them they stretch so you can fit in more. 



4) With either an elastic band or piece of thread, secure the top so the rice cannot escape. This was pretty fiddly with thread and I wish I had used an elastic band instead.

5) Again with either thread of a band, pull in the sock about 2/3rds up to divide the neck from the body.



6) Take your pattered or coloured sock and snip off the toe section. To hide the raw edge just turn it inwards then place on the snowman’s head.

7) For the scarf, you can cut a section of the remaining patterned sock and then just tie this around the neck. Alternatively, use the sock top and add an extra sock strip to hang down like you can see on the pink/yellow snowman.



8) Finally, add pins for eyes and a nose. For the snowman’s buttons, I’ve also used pins but I might replace these with sewn on buttons if I get a chance.


There you have it, no sew snowmen. I think they are fun and would look good on a window sill. The girls got carried away adding far too many pins but I’m sure that’s good for their fine motor skills. I would say this is more a craft that you do while they watch and help a little. Apart from adding the rice and pins, they weren’t able to cut the socks or tie the thread.


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