New Year Haul

What is it about other people’s shopping habits that is so intriguing? I love a good haul vlog but I’m not so sure how well it translates into a blog. Here are nine items I’ve bought this year. Have a read and let me know whether a blogging new year haul works.

1) Bird seed –

If you saw my earlier post, on getting organised with activities for my girls, then you’ll know that making bird feeders was on there. It took two attempts because I got the ratio wrong of bird seed to fat (who knew you could botch a two ingredient mixture). We tried again and made little yoghurt pot ‘cakes’. For the last few weeks we’ve been topping up the feeder and hanging out new cakes. It’s been lovely to watch the girls get excited over our feathered visitors. I’m no ornithologist but I’ve spotted robins, blue tits and some other colourful birds that I couldn’t identify without a book.


2) Olay –

My go-to brand for face cream. I’ve been using Olay since it was Ulay and I was about 15. After I turned 30, I’ve stepped up to the next level in the range. Now all seven signs of aging are being addressed. I have no idea what those seven signs are but it seems a lot so that’s got to be good.


3) Carpet cleaner –

In my little notebook one of the jobs I wanted to get done was to clean our carpets, well at least the most used ones. We bought a fab vax cleaner a few years ago and I don’t know why I don’t get it out more as it’s really easy. Hopefully now I’ve got the solution, I’ll be motivated to actually do it. Saying that, it is a Spring cleaning job so that probably means I’ve got until about June to get around to it.


4) Toilet seat –

Potty training Jess is going well although, like I said to the health visitor last week, I’m not sure if I’ve actually trained her or just put her on a weeing schedule. Anyway, when we bought the potty last year, we also got a toilet seat but Jess hasn’t been keen. This one was an impulse buy but she seems to like it better. Maybe because it’s softer or maybe just because it has her favourite pig on. I just have to convince her not to keep leaning over to look at Peppa and spraying the floor in the process.

New year haul

5) Dresses –

I’ve been seeing this brand pop up on my Facebook feed for the last six months so when Stu bought me one of these for Christmas, I was really pleased. A few days after, they had a huge sale and they were reduced to £9.99 each. I couldn’t resist.


6) Scissors –

I don’t really know why I bought these but I thought it would be a good idea to have some toddler scissors in the house for random crafts. I didn’t realise until I tried to show my girls how to cut, what a tricky skill cutting can be.

7) Chocolate liquor –

I’m not a big drinker but Stu loves to collect obscure alcohol so we have a garage full. After Christmas, these were on offer so we got a few for cocktails (I do love cocktails). Combined with the giant Toblerone my folks brought back from Tenerife, we’ve made some yummy chocolate martinis.


8) Fabric fat quarter –

We are currently in the process of organising our spare room to put in extra storage for all the stuff that comes with toddlers (and a crazy craft horder…that’ll be me). I’ve discovered a lot of fabric so why I felt the need to buy more, I don’t know. It’s just so pretty and an excuse to make yet more bunting.


9) Roll & Play –

I nearly didn’t add this as it’s actually a gift that hasn’t yet been given but I’m guessing the 2yr old in question isn’t going to be reading my blog. My sister bought this for Jess and Emily’s 2nd birthday and it has been a real hit. Such a lovely simple idea which teaches so many skills – turn taking being the one my girls haven’t quite grasped yet.

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