Calling All Julia Donaldson Fans…Tiddler is Touring!

If you’ve ever sat in a room full of preschoolers enraptured, you know something special is going on. Today, that is exactly what I experienced at the performance of Tiddler and other Terrific Tales. This adaptation of four well known Julia Donaldson books was fantastic and absolutely perfect for any Donaldson Fan.

After enchanting audiences in the West End, Tiddler swam north to Leicester this week and is continuing his journey around the country. This three performer show is upbeat, funny and pitched brilliantly to its young audience.


A year to celebrate

We were invited to the Curve to enjoy this special compilation. As an adult, I love the Curve. This year it celebrates its 10th Anniversary but for my girls, it’s their first visit. The building is not like any other theatre I’ve been in and it’s loop design is great for burning off steam before settling down for the performance.



Before the show even started, the room fizzed with childhood excitement. For many this being their first introduction to theatre. What a great introduction it was. Propped on boasters seats and enjoying the rock of theatre chairs, little ones waited impatiently to see some of their favourite book characters come to life.


Play Time

As soon as the show kicked off we were drawn into a child’s world. Instead of fancy props and expensive puppets, everyday items were used as something different altogether. A bag put on a head as a hat, a scarf became a snake. This imitation of child play was spot on.

First monkey couldn’t find his mummy and so they went looking. However, when monkey got tired we were transported to ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ then ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. Monkey’s mum was still no where to be found and so before the final push to find her, the story took a dive into the ocean to find Tiddler.


Perfectly Intertwined

The way the four stories were woven together was creative yet simple to follow. The familiar language from the books leapt from the stage and could be heard in the audience too. By retelling stories like this we are enriching children’s early literacy skills and creating a love of books.

The show had a great mix of songs, movement, costume changes and props which kept the pace lively and engaging for the children. The use of silly voices, accents and a bit of slapstick definitely appealed to my pair.



Early Theatre

If you’re looking for a preschool outing for your little ones, then consider the Curve. There is so much to learn from early theatre visits and I can’t wait to take my two to many more shows. Although there are only a few days left of this performance, later in the year, Donaldson fans won’t be disappointed to hear that Tabby McTat is taking to the stage.

At what age did you first experience the theatre?




Review of the stage show Tiddler and other Terrific Tales that is currently touring the UK. A must see for any Julia Donaldson fan. There are so many great benefits to early theatre vists.

Although tickets to this show were gifted, all thoughts and opinions are those of Mummy2twindividuals.

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