Frozen Yoghurt bites

We had a go at these frozen yoghurt bites last months but to be honest, it’s been too cold to eat them. Today however, we will be basking in glorious sunshine and so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share these super simple snacks.

Let’s keep it simple

It’s tricky to find very simple ‘recipes’ that you can do with toddlers. I’d imagine one toddler is hard enough to manage but with two, I feel like an octopus trying to make sure they touch only the right things at the right time and don’t end up leaving my kitchen looking like a messy play session with animals.

You’ll see I’ve used the word recipe in the loosest sense. This is actually more of a scooping activity. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how good my girls were at getting the yoghurt from the tub to the cases. There were a lots of licked fingers but hey it’s only going to be us eating their creations.

We used a big tub of vanilla yoghurt but I’m guessing any would work. Before I let the girls start, I also chopped up some fruit into small pieces and placed on a child proof plate.

Frozen yoghurt

The girls placed the cases onto a baking trip. Pro tip: check it fits in your freezer first. They then scooped the yoghurt in. In hindsight, I should have pulled up sleeves.

Only then did I present the fruit. If I’d shown them this earlier, it would have been gobbled up and none would have made it into the yoghurt.

Finally, we placed the whole tray in the freezer overnight. Once frozen, we popped them out of the silicone moulds and bagged them. So now I have a stash in the freezer. These will be especially lovely in the summer. I might even try them in some lolly moulds.

What fruit would you put in yours?


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