Four ways to steal your children’s Easter eggs without them realising

As I wrote the title for this piece, I felt a bit mean. Stealing Easter eggs from children…what kind of mummy am I. Well I’m a mummy who now has far too much chocolate in my house for one. If social media is anything to go by, I’m certainly not alone. This is the first year I’ve loosened the reins in chocolate buying for my girls. Last year, chocolate was kept to an absolute minimum but this year well not so much.

So, as I see it, I have three options:

1) Let them gorge themselves on the sweet stuff until it’s all gone and they are likely feeling sick.

2) Ration it out over a good few weeks and attempt to keep track of which part bunny/half egg belongs to who.

3) Find a sneaky way to take the chocolate from them without them realising. It sounds a bit mean when I actually write it down but no tiny body needs that much sugar.

I’m opting for option three. I have a plan.

1) First up is a tasty banana and chocolate loaf that I know they love. Not only can they only eat a small amount at a time, they also enjoy baking with me. It even contains fruit so it’s like I’m swapping chocolate for fruit.

2) Next is hot chocolate. A little chocolate can go a long way and mixed with the white stuff, it’s got to be better for them than consuming an entire egg. A little splash of Baileys makes a yummy treat for mummy too.

3) Another sneaky tactic I have is to make a batch of chocolate rice crispy cakes. This way, my girls will happily share them around and therefore eats significantly less chocolate than they would in egg form. This is also a simple activity that we can all do together.

4) Finally, I thought we’d try a little chocolate craft. This won’t actually reduce how much they eat but I thought it’d be fun. We melted chocolate and added it to some silicone moulds I had. We then decorated with sprinkles and left in the refrigerator to set.

How do you manage the chocolate mountain in your family?


What do you do with your kid's Easter chocolate mountain? Here are some ideas to limit the chocolate intake.

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