My first post…their first snowman

Isn’t it funny how something like snow and a first snowman can seem so magical when experienced with little ones. I’m not saying I didn’t appreciate it before having the girls. However for the last few years it has been more of an inconvenience than the winter wonderland it appeared today.

For British standards it was fairly thick but the forecasts said it wouldn’t last long. Therefore, our morning was spent rushing through breakfast and making sure Jess had a wee before we layered up and braved the cold. Snowsuits-check, wellies-check, mummy’s hair brushed?..not a chance.

Their first snowman before the snow melted

Daddy managed to sneak a quick breaks from his laptop and emails to help construct a little snowman. He wasn’t an overly grand fella but the girls loved him. Their first experience of snow and their first snowman was accompanied with weak hot chocolate… a very rare treat from this overly strict mummy.


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