Early Learning Carry Cases from I Learn: What We Thought

When Gifts for Little Hands reached out to me to look at their new range, I was excited to try these early learning carry cases. As a mummy who tries to limit screen time wherever possible, they looked like a great alternative to entertain and educate on the go.

Grab and Go

Each carry case is self contained and so perfect to grab if you’re heading to a restaurant or a friend’s house. Simply open up and they can work through the activities pretty much independently. At first, I sat alongside to show them what to do but after a while, my girls were happy to play solo.

I Learn Maths

The I Learn Maths carry case comes with self correcting tiles numbered 0-9 and tiles with some calculation symbols. If an incorrect tile is chosen, it will not fit the space. There are 83 activities to complete which cover six levels of difficulty. This allows your child to work through the varied activities and progress in their knowledge of number.

Jessica is especially keen on the I Learn Maths set and even after only a few sessions, she has begun to understand addition and subtraction. She also now recognises the symbols that relate to these calculations too. At 3.5 years old, the tiles were a little fiddly at first but now she can select and place them with no problem.

I Learn to Write

Emily is more fond of the I Learn to Write carry case. Her fine motor skills are slightly better than Jessica’s but even so, I’ve seen her focus more carefully on forming letters with this set. The I Learn to Write backlit screen allows your child to select from one of the 94 exercises and trace over pictures, patterns, letters and numbers.

With five levels of challenge, again children will move through the cards developing new fine motor skills on each. Emily especially enjoys tracing over familiar letters and was happily entertained doing this for ages. We did need to discuss the pen a few times after she had coloured her hands instead of the activity sheets.

It’s funny how both girls have been drawn towards a different area of learning. Jess loving the maths and Emily the writing. However, by watching each other, they are learning both. Emily watched as her sister counted the pictures. She was then able to do this herself. A perk of twins I guess. Yet I’m sure this would work if your little one has an older sibling to model for them.

Overall the girls love them and have enjoyed the activities. They are recommended for 4+ but at just over 3.5yrs old, my two are definitely benefitting from the sets. I’m sure over the coming year they’ll be great to reinforce these new skills in preparation for big school.

Have you used any other learning toys? What did you think?


You can get your sets HERE.

I was gifted these sets in return for my review. However all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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