Clarks Alternative? Try STOMP; An Independent Footwear Boutique

Scroll through any online parenting forum and a thread that appears time and time again is mums asking for alternatives to Clarks shoes. I’ve been there and asked it aswell. Up until this time last year, I was a Clarks mum too.

Clarks – Time for a Change?

With so many parents asking for another choice, I know it’s not just me that got bored of the same styles recirculating each season or the inconsistency with measuring. But on the other hand, I wanted quality shoes for my girls and didn’t know where else to go.

Word of Mouth

It was a friend who recommended Stomp to me. She’d been taking her twins since their first cruisers and raved about the place. I decided it was time to try somewhere new.

This independent footwear boutique in Narborough, Leicester is run by three mums: Debbie, Lucy and Rebecca. They are now affectionately known as ‘The Stompers’. The shop was dreamed up a little over 5 years ago when they each got tired of the limited choice of brands available from the high street shops and the lack of options for getting a professional fitting service.

Stomp was born and has been thriving since.

I took Jessica and Emily along a few weeks ago to see what they had to offer and whether a little shop like this could really compete with the likes of Clarks. I wasn’t disappointed.

Keeping them Entertained

As soon as we arrived the girls spotted the selection of toys and books and were instantly in their element. Jess pulled out a Disney book and Emily found a train. Typically they’d be straight to the shoes and taking them off the shelves. But not this time.

While the girls were occupied, I told the ladies what I was looking for and got a chance to browse the shoes they had on display. They really did have an excellent range of styles and brands with more out back and even more options available online.

To Buckle or Not to Buckle?

I was pleased to see so many non-buckle options as I knew that’s what I needed this year to save myself from an extra morning battle.

It was clear the staff were incredibly passionate about children’s footwear and their expertise in the area spilled out of them with every question I asked. Many of the brands Stomp stock, come in European sizes which I’m personally not very familiar with.

However, I need not have worried as the ladies certainly knew their stuff. Which brands came up larger/ wider, which were softer/narrower and how to care for the different materials.

Jessica and Emily were each measured and then I was brought a really good selection for each size. Just as I’d hoped, they inspected the fit carefully and were really honest about which shoes worked best for each child’s foot shape.

As I chose Petasil patent styles, I was advised to avoid extreme temperatures. Exposure to frost or drying out the shoes on a radiator is not a good idea. However, patent is also really hard wearing and easy to look after. A quick wet wipe and you’re all set.

Check out their other ranges too including a Vegan line and a Yummy Mummy section on the website where you can buy matching Mummy and Me shoes.

As I dragged the girls away from the toys to leave, I knew we’d be back. Certainly in Leicester, I’ve not come across another children’s shoe shop like this. So if you’ve been wondering about trying somewhere other than Clarks, give Stomp a go and say hello to the Stompers from me.

Join their loyalty scheme and get £10 off your 7th pair of shoes

Where do you buy your children’s shoes?


Bored of the same old styles at Clarks or looking for an alternative that offers quality children's footwear from well know brands. Look no further. Stomp offers a great range of styles with a personalised fitting service.
Two pairs of shoes were gifted for the purpose of this review. However all thoughts and opinions remain those of Mummy2twindividuals.

2 thoughts on “Clarks Alternative? Try STOMP; An Independent Footwear Boutique

  1. Lots of beautiful girls shoes, have you got a selection of boys? Long trip if you haven’t

    1. Stomp do lots of lovely boys styles too. Where are you…if it’s not too far, I’m sure it’d be worth a visit.

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