Car Wreck


What is wrong with me….? Yesterday on the way home from twins group, I started sobbing in the car to a Robbie Williams song. I don’t even really like Robbie Williams (For a starters he broke up Take That). I was a car wreck.

Its the lyrics that get me

Since having my girls, songs just really seem to get to me. I’ve always been one for the lyrics so when his new one ‘Love my life’ came on, I was a gonner. I’m acutely aware how fleeting their childhood will seem when I look back, even though right now, some days or even hours can feel like an eternity.

So the gist of the song is that he might not always be there but he hopes to give his daughter all she needs to face the world. What else would any parent want but to equip their most precious with the tools and skills to face the challenges ahead but also the strength and confidence to love themselves and see themselves as beautiful, like we always will.

While my girls chatted in their car seats, I broke down. However tough being a parent can be, I really want to try and cherish at least one special moment a day. I still can’t believe they are 2. When did that happen? Here’s to more emotional car trips and forgiving Robbie.

Car wreck

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