9 Activities that are Better with Twins

If you’re a parent of twins, you don’t need me to tell you all the crazy challenges that come with raising multiples. Hats off to those with higher order multiples, it must be like wrangling a litter of kittens some days. However, there are definitely some perks to having twins.

I asked some twin mummies what activities they think are better with twins than with a singleton and they came up with loads. Here are a few of my favourites.


Even the simplest of board games are better with two. Of course once they’ve learnt the rules they can even play just with each other. There are only so many times I want to play snakes and ladders.

Row Row Row Your Boat

This classic nursery rhyme is absolutely perfect for twins. It’s like it was designed for twins. It does rely on both parties wanting to row with each other but when they do it’s adorable.

Hide and Seek

Of course you could play this with older and younger siblings but Hide and Seek is one of those games that changes quite significantly as children slowly grasp the concept. The precious early days of hiding your eyes and thinking no one can see you doesn’t really work with older ones. 

Playing Shops

Of course for every shop keeper you need a customer. Having same aged siblings means they have a similar understanding of money and the conventions of shopping. They can swap roles back and forth and keep each other entertained for ages.

Bath time

Splashing around with a bath time buddy is clearly lots of fun if the state of my bathroom floor is anything to go by. I wonder how long shared bath times last. I’m not sure they’ll be so keen as teenagers.

See Saw

If there is one piece of playground equipment that makes me smile every time, it’s the good old see saw. Who ever invented this obviously knew they needed to entertain two little ones simultaneously and they smashed it.

Kicking or Throwing a ball

Kicking a ball against a wall is just not as much fun as playing with a pal. Little ones may not have the aim or coordination to actually get the ball to their twin but running around after a ball is great exercise and will hopefully tire them out.


Whether it’s who can get their shoes on fastest or who can get to the swings first, the natural competition between twins is at least more fairly matched than with different aged siblings.

Playing Doctors

One patient, one doctor… add in a doctors set and you have a recipe for fab role play. I love that this one teaches caring and empathy skills however I’ve noticed I get the same combination of treatments whatever my ailment.

What are your favourite twin activities?


Some things with twins are so much harder and others as just better with twins

What do you think?

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