6 Ways You’ll Know if you have Wonky Twins

Wonky twins…what’s that? ‘Wonky twins’ is the affectionate name given to a set of non-identical, starkly different looking twins or a set of twins who have a large difference in height or build. I certainly have wonky twins to the point we’ve been featured in the national press.

If you’re not sure whether you’ve got wonky twins, I got 6 surefire ways to tell whether they are or not. If you answer YES to most of the following questions, it’s likely you’re little ones are in the exclusive little wonky twin club.

Do you get asked their age difference on a daily basis?

Sometimes I’m sure people think I’m lying when I say they are twins. Often when I get asked the age difference, I just say ‘one minute’ and wait for the penny to drop. You’d be surprised how often it doesn’t and they just don’t get it.

Emily wearing age 3-4 and Jess in an age 6 dress.

Do you have to buy at least one size difference in clothing, sometimes two size differences?

For us this works out well as we chose to dress our twins differently. Buying two sizes means that we have a hand me down set just as we would if we were having a new baby. It doesn’t always work with the seasons but it has certainly saved us a lot of cash and Emily love to get Jess’ old clothes.

Can one of your twins get on all the rides and the other isn’t quite tall enough?

The height difference becomes very apparent at theme parks. There was period when we just didn’t visit these kind of places as it just didn’t seem fair. Now, although there is still a 4-5 inch difference they can get both get on all the rides they want.

Do you need a booster seat for one at the dinner table but not the other?

After high chairs, I’d just presumed the girls would move straight onto regular dining chairs at the dinner table. Unfortunately, Emily was still too small and was struggling to reach her food. So we used an old car booster seat to prop her up higher. She would have been perfectly happy staying in the high chair. However, we thought at nearly 4 years old, she was probably pushing the weight restrictions.

Can one of your twins rest their chin on top of the others head?

Adorable as this is when they cuddle, it really does highlight the height difference. Luckily both girl seem confident in their own skin and are both in the normal range for their age. It just happens to be that Emily’s at the bottom and Jess is at the top of the range.

Did one of your twins outgrow their carseat much quicker than the other?

This caused quite a dilemma for us as it became clear that Jessica would outgrow the car seat much quicker than Emily. Our Britax Dualfix rotating seats had been amazing and I felt uneasy moving just one to the next stage. As it turned out, Jess’ height plateaued and so we were able to keep them both in their stage 1 seat until they were both four.

So there you have it. How many did you answer yes to? Do you have ‘wonky twins?’


Have you got wonky twins? Take my quick quiz to find out how wonky your twin are. Just a bit of silly fun.

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