Winnie the Pooh day – Preschool ideas

If you didn’t know it’s Winnie the Pooh day next week. On January 18th, 100 Acre Wood fans will come together to celebrate the life and works of Pooh’s author on A.A. Milne’s birthday. If you’ve not introduced you little ones to this charming bear, why not use this as an excuse. I’ve put together a few Winnie the Pooh ideas and activities to do with your preschoolers to mark the day.

Here are five ways to enjoy Winnie the Pooh day with preschoolers

1) Reading and Retelling

Oral literacy is such an important pre writing skill. As an ex teacher, I know how much a difference the telling and retelling of stories can make to a child’s own writing. We love stories in our house, so why not tell the ones we know with a few props. These cutouts were on the Huggies site (link below) and just printed and laminated. I know that’s not necessary but who doesn’t love to laminate. I glued on some lolly sticks that I’d fished from a craft box and away we went.

Cut Out Link

2) Themed snack

You can’t celebrate Pooh bear without Tigger and so these coated bread sticks make the perfect snack. I covered about two thirds of the breadsticks with orange candy melts which can be bought through the affiliate link below and stood them in an upturned empty egg carton to set. Melted chocolate drizzled over made these look just like Tigger tails. Yummy.

3) Pooh and Piglet balloons

If your little ones are anything like mine they go crazy for balloons. Last week, I found some old ones in a drawer and they got soooooo excited only to be bitterly disappointed as they’d all deteriorated and popped as soon as they were inflated. Here’s the perfect chance to buy a load more and make Pooh and a Piglet balloons with a Sharpie.

4) Pin the tail on Eeyore

Sugary snacks and balloons. It’s practically a party so let’s throw in a party game. I found this free printable on Pinterest but here’s the link. We took it in turns to blindfold one another and attempt to pin Eeyore’s tail as close to his bottom as possible.

5) Favourite quotes

Finally I shared a few of my favourite Pooh quotes. Here they are for you to enjoy too.

I hope you like these Winnie the Pooh ideas and suggestions. Who is your favourite character? Mine is Roo.


What do you think?

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