Twins: The Conformist and the Anarchist

Having twins is like having your own social study. As far as possible you treat them fairly, offer them similar stimulus and try and install the same values, morals and ideals and yet the outcome is two very different individuals. I’ve already writing about encouraging individuality or as I like to call it twindividuality. Yet it still surprises me that twins can be such polar opposites.


Conformist | Noun: A person who confirms to accepted behaviour or established practises 


In the last few weeks, Emily has been drawn to all things pink. I know it shouldn’t, but it makes me sad. If pink were just a colour, I’d have no problem, but it symbolises so much more. We’ve avoiding buying pink or girly, frilly things in an attempt to create balance in their surroundings and influences.



Regardless of our efforts, she now loves pink. It’s seeped in as have the comments about liking things because they are for girls.  We challenge this kind of idea each and every time but for now, it’s not enough to discourage her from making decisions based on traditional gender preferences.


Anarchist | Noun: Without Ruler


Jessica on the other hand won’t be told. When she heard a boy say ‘girls can’t play football’, she was outraged and quickly put him straight. She can do anything or so she thinks including scaring mum half to death by jumping six steps at a time and climbing to the top of whatever play equipment she can find.



Pink or Blue?

Although Jess went through a stage of liking pink, she now will only choose the blue bowl. Since discovering Paw Patrol a few months back, she is now also obsessed with Chase. This doesn’t surprise me one bit. He’s the leader, the police dog and spy dog and he’s always ready for action just like her. 

It makes me wonder how much of what I’m seeing is the start of their true personalities or whether their current favourites are just another stage. Will Emily become more of girly girl and Jessica less so. Either way, there are so many ways to be a girl and I’ll fight for their right to be who they are whether they fit the mould or not. 


Do your twins conform to their traditional gender roles? I’d love to know how different your twins are.



Just because they are twins, doesn’t mean they feel the same way. My pair are such different little girls and show there are lots of ways to be a girl.

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  1. Haha this is exactly like my friend’s twins!

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