Toddler Twins holiday wardrobe

Next week we’re off to the sunny Algarve and with temperatures hitting nearly 30 degrees most days, I’ve picked a holiday wardrobe for my twins that is light and cool. You’ll see I’m not one for matching but love coordinating styles and colours.

These colourful dresses will be great to just slip on and off with no buttons to fiddle with. One set is from Morrisons’ Nutmeg range and the other pair are from H&M.

I couldn’t resist these coordinating shorts and tops from Primark. Jess in particular is crazy about watermelon so I know they’ll be a hit.


These romper sets are so cute and although not the most practical for nappy changes I couldn’t resist. The aqua/pink set were from George at Asda and the blue/pair were from a car boot and unbranded.

Next clothing is always hard to resist and I bought this floaty top and matching skirt over a year ago but they only just fit in them now. Perfect timing for our sunny holiday.


These fairy like frocks were bought as a gift and look stunning on my girls so even though they are a little dressy, they are still getting packed.



We found on our last holiday that the all in one swim suits worked great especially when it was hot. So much less skin to worry about slathering in suncream. These Next floral ones are perfect.


To finish, we’ll take shoes, sandles and mock crocs for footwear. I’m risking it as I’ve not packed any tights other than those for the journey. It’s forecast to be high 20s so I don’t think we’ll have a problem.

What do your toddlers wear on holiday?

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  1. Aw these outfits are so adorable! I find Next clothes hard to resist too, they have some gorgeous items. Have a lovely holiday! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

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