The Holiday Curse


No matter where we go or how much we prepare, every holiday seems to involve one disaster day. A day that try as you might is destined to go down the drain. A day when everything just seems to go wrong. We seem to be affected by some kind of holiday curse.

As a child, I remember Thursdays in particular being unlucky for holidays. There were days my parents were pickpocketed, days when we took trains to nowhere and days the weather just wasn’t playing ball. Bizarrely, they all fell on a Thursday.

Too much fun

Anyone who knows me, would know I’m not in the slightest superstitious or a believer in luck or destiny. However, it’s like the universe is saying ‘hold on there, you guys are having too much fun, let’s throw in a curveball.’


Take last week for example. We were enjoying a lovely break to Centre Parcs but two days in the girls were full of a cold. Maybe it was  because we didn’t want to waste a day, but we charged on with our plans to go for a walk, then swimming before lunch. Unfortunately, we misjudged the distance to the nature reserve. Unsuprisingly, we ended up with two grumpy girls who wanted to be carried most of the way back.


Hauling an extra two stone on a mini hike is not my idea of fun however picturesque the scenery is. We made it to the pool only to realise it was far too close to lunch to have time to change and swim. Cue full on meltdowns as we try and explain this to toddlers who really really really want to swim.


After practically dragging them back to the villa, feeding them was almost impossible. The combination of runny noses, coughing and frustration meant more food ended up on the floor than in mouths. My patience was waining too.

Luckily they were cream crackered from the walk so went straight off for a well needed nap. I really needed it! We decided to try swimming before dinner and although the girls had fun, mummy nearly had a heart attack anxiously sending Jess into a dark swim tunnel only for her not to emerge the other end.


Mummy’s coming

Just as I was about to throw myself down, a little boy barged in front of me and when he came out the other end, there was Jess right behind him. I’m guessing he dislodged her. She wasn’t overly distressed, more confused why she had been sat in the dark.

I was ready for my pyjamas and to call an end to the day by this point. After the girls were safely in bed, I decided that I’d book a boat ride for the following day. I knew I needed something fun to look forward to and hopefully erase some for the bad memories. As soon as I clicked confirm, I little message popped up to tell my I had double booked with the children’s entertainment show. The cancellation fee was £15! It took all I had in me not to throw my iPad across the room.

In a giant sulk, I stormed off to bed at 9pm.

Now I know I’ve just ranted for nine paragraphs about how awful the day way but on reflection it wasn’t all bad. We got some lovely photos of the girls and spent family time in a beautiful setting. I know how fortunate I am to be able to take mini breaks let alone have the luxury to winge about them too. Maybe the universe isn’t out to get me after all.


Whenever we go on a family holiday, there is always one day that is a disaster. This started when I was a child. It’s the universes way of balancing out the fun. Does this happen to you?


What do you think?

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